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Did this bitch pay taxes on her whore income?

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Elon, you cringe bald nigger, save this worthless crap.

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I'm literally fuming that I made just baby profits on DOGE flipping it during a Elon tweet pump while I had it in my radars for months when it was at the floor. I could have made an easy 10x instead.

To lose money right now you have to buy the top or the pajeet Uniswap scams.

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>tfw I'm highly invested in privacy coins when these jews are trying to regulate them

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Guys! GIVE IT TO ME STRAIGHT! I invested in alibaba and now that shit is shifting itself. I’m assuming from the news from that shit show of a place. Will it recover. I meant to sell it on Monday but my order didn’t go through and I canceled the pending order. Will this shit fucking recover or what? I’m fucking pissed.

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Anon, you better not be fucking lying to us and this better be true.

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Noooooo go up

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