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But then we had our first schism, when SIBOS was on the way.
Some ppl were claiming you should sell the news, priced in meme was born. Mostly it related to the SWIFT partnership: linkies were discovering year old PoC statements, articles and notes by Sergey. Sure, linkies liked what they saw and wanted to share it, but it didn't change the fact they were sharing old news. It was priced in from the very start.
The majority, however, preferred holding. Yet certain ones expected LINK to skyrocket after SIBOS and kept buying more and more.
After that the calm of November came. The BTC forking and futures drama hit hard on us. Iron hand link marines meme was born: these were the ones who hadn't sold the ATH. Still not sure if the ranking system was just some autist trying to justify holding, or smt deeper. It could also be:
1. A way to estimate how many LINK /biz/ held;
2. A way to stop even bigger sellouts;
Ex-linklets started a massive fud campaign, provoking the weak handed to sell. Toilet memes were at their prime. WE ARE NOT FUCKING SELLING! was all over the place.
That is the time when /biz/ became ambivalent on LINK.

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