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What the fuck are these maniacs even doing?

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Anon, I don't think they give a fuck at this point. They just barricaded the front door and flushed the keys down the toilet. Everyone is trying to flee their service like rats sinking from a sinking ship and their reputation is going to be damaged until the end of time. They don't even have 2 years left, so I don't see why they wouldn't destroy their userbase they fuck over on a daily basis just to make a quick buck and please their kike overlords.

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>they can keep this up even next monday and so on?
I honestly don't know. Yesterday and today were extreme market manipulation, which is heavily illegal. But the fines are probably less than what they'd have to pay if they just let it ride freely. I wouldn't be surprised if they would rather go bankrupt from fines instead of letting poor people have enough money to buy fresh fruit.

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>not just buying amc after gme was price so high
Anon why?

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Where the fuck do I buy bitcoins? I know Robinhood has a couple options but it's just Bitcoin, Etherium, and fucking dogecoin of all things. I need more choices. I have 4k in the bank and nothing to spend it on, so I might as well start investing.

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