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I’m selling at 1 million market cap or not sers. Like with PEPEF(in the chat). High chance I lose 100 bucks. Not that I care getting unemployment soon :)

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Yep, it's not a new concept per se, it's just with the blockchain they have unfathomably more control over not just the macro economy, but the money of individuals as well. If you do a wrongthink? Your money suddenly stops working, and you starve to death.

If I make it before then, God willing, I will be the first to exile myself from civilization and get off this fallen planet at the first opportunity.

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I told you to sell last year.
Don't you understand how the economy works?
Crypto isn't a replacement for the stock market.
Crypto is a young, decentralized version of the stock market.
That means the same bust and boom credit cycle affects it.
Even jeets knew when to cash out.
You're officially a midwit retard if you didn't sell.

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So CSGO and fud got it
So fud actually had enough shares ?
Vanguard still lagging and
Lol fuck hoodiuo and cash app
They already ran out didn't they kek

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>global famine
>fertility dropping
>climate change accelerating
>more and more studies on adverse vaxx events, microplastics, heatstroke deaths coming out
But the bullrun is still on, right guys? $200k BTC EOY?

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I'm becoming a p*rn mogul. I don't care anymore. Fuck this gay, centralized, corrupt, broken financial system, all the jews who control it and the goy cattle who just go along with it. They made your money worthless, crashed the economy again and nobody really gives a fuck. Meanwhile, w*men are literally making millions off degeneracy like onlyfans and if you're not in it, that's your loss. I'm done being poor.

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I would suggest voting against Rook as well. Even if he's right and it does have a higher trading volume, I don't want this to set a precedent for shills like this to start dilluting the BNT pool with arguments like this:
>Rook community made the rook/bnt pool the #13 pool by liquidity on bancor in less than a week.
>I think Rook serves as a fantastic example of EXACTLY the kind of communities that should be rewarded… people who have put their $$$ where their mouths are.
>It was an act of faith. Simply put.
>Now give us rewards

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Jesus christ... honk

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This normie invasion just makes me hate reddit even more.

The amount of zoomers here is staggeringly retarded.

Imagine buying a crypto and not having it in your own wallet.

Mtgox 2.0 waiting room

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trying anons damn E-trade and Webull wont hurry up and let me in so I can hold some fucking money!!

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>her ex is calling her
>shes already pregnant with my seed phrase
>its on speaker phone they chat for an hour
I cringe ..... like I never cringe before
I should probably leave her after these shit coins pop off right ?

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I like this map it has pretty colors

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>Why would the US government let airliners fail?
Because the us gov has no say in this. This is not communism

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I gambled all my money away and now im gonna wagecuck for a few months and then play the crypto market again like i did 2012-15

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And then 1 million United States dollarinos
And it will be normal
Remember, this is a clooooown world

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>600k people (officially) died so far from only one wave and with heavy restrictions in most countries
>Many survivors (even the young ones) still struggle in their day to day life due to heavy damage to their lungs/nerves, no one knows when and even if they will ever recover
>In fact, many countries reacted quite late and many lives could have been saved if they had banned travel from/to China as soon as the first signs of a deadly virus appeared in China

Everyone claiming "corona is a flu" and "corona is not dangerous" is as dumb as a nigger and shouldn't be allowed to vote

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>Honk Kong

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Anybody else go on r/wsb to laugh at overleverged cucks on red days?

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>$2k to my name
>$4.5k debt
>50k/year salary

How do I get rich ASAP? I’ve been a gambler and consoomer all my life and I realize now I need to start taking investing/saving seriously. Can I still make it or is it too late?

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No anon don't do it

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>SPY 220p 5/15

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