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I might have cucked my last wage, id rather be dead.
how can I get $6000? I could buy a car and go deliver fucking pizzas, I could move out of this shithole apartment block full of niggers, im the only white guy here

I cant spend time saving, its unbearable, ooga booga music ALL night.
should I lie on a loan?

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Why contain it?

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I gambled all my money away, lost my last £940 today after a few days torching cash, lost it all a few times this past few years.
All I want is enough to escape my pathetic life and start again, I dont even need that much.
How do I fight the temptation to gamble? I cant just ignore my awful life, everyday I face a world of cunts around me, I just want out but I dont want to switch to drugs to cope'
The thought of facing years of this going forward is tge thought of kmsing myself.

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>tfw you remember rugrats were all kikes

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I spend all my time conjuring plots to ruin people for my own gain, I sit and draw up plans to screw people in deals and exploit them, not just my enemies even.
I seem to be riddled with hatred for everyone these days, it should be poison and draining but no, when I am plotting movements I gain MORE power, like my spirit is being charged from their future misery.

how do I break this cycle

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I really enjoy
>arguing with people
>posting on imageboards

I dont enjoy
>being poor
>doing things

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Why contain it? Let it spill over the schools and churches, let the bodies pile up in the streets. In the end they'll beg us to save them.

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