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consolidating at $7.77

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might be a little early on the date but pretty much

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next we'll have a fry cook insider tell us the mcdonald's partnership was just smoke too

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oh look another deluded bag holder

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The classical understanding of Karma is said to mean "action." Action in the sense of how a ball falls to the ground after it has been thrown. Karma in this sense is a word of understanding cause and effect, rather than a system of punishment or reward. In this understanding, the punish-
ment or reward comes from the person's ability to learn a lesson. For example, say Johnny were to touch an iron and as a result he burned his hand. The Karma in this example was the burned hand. Now if Johnny chooses to learn this lesson, and check to see if the iron is hot before touching it, he has been rewarded by not receiving a nasty burn as he had originally. On the other hand if he refuses to check the
iron before he touches it, he is punished by receiving a burn the next time he touches a hot iron.
Regardless of what the system is named, "Law of Return," "Three Fold Law," Karma, etc., it is used to teach people the effect that their actions have. No matter how foolish some of these "laws" sound or are, the fundamental
principle is to make the follower, student, mage, etc. learn to understand cause and effect.
It is of great importance to understand what type of effects your actions will have on the world around you. If you are careless, you may find that your actions can have an unexpected, ill effects on those that you love and care about. On the other hand, you may receive a great fortune by what seems to be luck.

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ok fudder

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Oh woe to he who fails to listen to the grand wisdom of our lord Kek and his chosen one Sergey of Nazarov.

Kek's divine wisdom has chosen CZ as the DEFI evangelist to shill our bags to markets yet untapped. Trillion dollar markets galore.

Give them your energy and support as they usher us into the Singularity life as foretold in the great 77777777 get.

Dubs and gets will make it.

Your posts will serve as a cyber offering to KEK to harness his divine powers to continue to shift reality in our collective favor.

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>probably to handle their lawsuits from all the autopilot deaths
My sides are in fucking orbit
>Confirmation: obituary oracles have confirmed your husband was crushed to death and decapitated by a self-driving Tesla
>Swift Nodes confirm that $500,000 is being deposited in your account.
>15 Oracles are sorry for your loss

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