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Guys I don't think I can take it anymore a Linkmarine

Haven't kept up with the project lately cause of life stuff, but I bought a fat stack of LINK during presale last September. We rose from 9 cents to 50 cents in the span of a month, and then hovered around 40 cents for a good amount of time. BTC was 4500ish or thereabouts

it's been 7 fucking months and the price is exactly the same. Periodically I check /biz/ and see the obligatory, "Tonight!" threads, or just general charting threads. Why? What the fuck are you celebrating. With the exception of the temporary bubble, this shit has been trading in the same channel for nearly a goddamn year.

And what the fuck do we have? Still no medium updates. No marketing director as promised. All of the Assblaster posts have been proven LARPs. None of the secret developments all of these Sherlock holmes autists post about have come to fruition. Not one.

Woo we get ropsten next month. You just know there will be bugs and all sorts of complications. And what about adoption? No word from SWIFT. No word from anybody. maybe JNT will LOOK at it. Fucking docusign? Really? Yet some of you idiots still cling to the delusion that mainnet will go live and all of these banks will be diving right in. Bull fucking shit.

and it's not even as if LINK is the chosen one anymore. Oracles are popping up left and right. This team is severely outclassed.

How fucking long are we supposed to hold for? Most of us are in our 20s. You get what, maybe 15 years more of prime living? And we've already pissed damn near 10% of that away, waiting for absolutely nothing. Jesus fucking christ

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