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And on payday too! Oh boy!

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pls stop selling apu, I was supposed to make it with apu

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I have not profited since Chainlink in 2020

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Back to 19¢
Did I get my own hopes up?

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we're both too late anon
it's over

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2 figure, 30yo, single, living in 3rd world shithole with doomed economy and 100USD/month average salary, no properties, my laptop is the most expensive thing I have, saved some money just to get liquidated

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started with 10k and now at 6k, made too many bad trades

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Wait, we can bot nft games and farm them without having to lift a finger? AND NOBODY TOLD ME?

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I put 200 $ into COMFY and solded at 300k MC like an idiot. I want to kms

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>46k is literally programmed.
Damn, the state of bobo right now, wasn't it 36k not too long ago?

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I can't fucking do it anymore /biz/

I can't fucking wage anymore. 29, 60k networth rentcel/wagecuck. Everyday blends together, I'm falling behind on work from burnout and keep having to work Sundays. 6 days/week cucked away. I feel too busy lately to even message back my dad. The stress is bleeding into everything and I'm feeling like I'm on the verge of a mental breakdown.

I truly hate everything, but also feel like a huge pussy for being unable to cope with a fucking WFH software job. It's just eating away at my soul.

I don't even look forward to weekends because all I think about is work. I just want to quit but the job market is so shit I'm worried I'll eat up half my savings before I find anything else.

My girlfriend has health issues and effectively have a dead bedroom. Nothing in my life lately except frustration and disappointment. I wage and provide but at the end of the day don't even have any material aspirations. Only thing I'd like is a house and maybe a fun car so I can go on roadtrips. Day to day there's nothing even rewarding to spend my money on.

What the fuck is the point

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>practice gf broke up 5 weeks ago
>tfw still missing her

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I'm at $20k/yr and it's still not enough to FIRE.
Can't even afford a home, don't have a car, and no GF.
Such is life in commiefornia.

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I own 3.2 btc. I am a maxi
Should I sell some for chainlink?

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Why is chainlink going up so much?
I don't understand

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GME has no "pump" left
it's over -- sell now

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What ema do I use?
20 50 200?

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Now that the chainlink hype has died down? Is this ccip thing bullish for the future? Link is now a gas token

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How do I get rid of a car loan I can barely pay?
Just stop paying and wait for them to repo the car?

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Financially speaking, why is goyslop so delicious?

When I want to be alone and pass time I leak to eat goyslop in my car at a parking lot. I do this like 2 to 3 times a week. It starting to add up and not to mention gasoline

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When I don't want be at home I live to drive and around to a parking lot and eat goyslop. I do this about 2 to 3 times a week.

Why is goyslop so addictive financially speaking of course?
It's a waste of money let alone gasoline

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