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because that's not your entire stack, only a portion of it. Imagine losing 100% of your portfolio after years of building it up from nothing and now having nothing to even start over with.

I had 13btc at some point and blew it to 0, having to liquidate my last coins during the 2019-2020 bear market to pay the bills and so on. I was heading for the millions, so I didn't take profit and buy anything I could sell later and reinvest like cars or whatever. Didn't even spent anything on clothes which I had been wearing since highschool (was 23 at the time) or to upgrade my 2014 shit PC with gtx 750ti gpu. One day I just blew it and couldn't even start over, having 0 capital.

Was I suicidal ? yes, for sure. It took me years to mentally deal with being so close to making it, living in constant stress and poverty most of my life, that my life could've been way different and now i'm back to nothing. I was stuck in a perpetual loop of self pity, apathy and learned helplessness. Also my relatives around me didn't know about any of that, so they just thought I'm a retarded neet leech spending all day at my pc plaing videogames and I had nothing to throw into their faces to prove otherwise, so that was a double pressure on my psyche.

Then I actually got some money to invest, I bought rubic and these niggers got hacked twice in a row and decided to dilute their supply by x10. Turning my $15k ath into $1k in the end. After ditching this scam shitcoin, my portfolio slowly began to recover. That's not the end of it tho, I had such JUST levels in my life in the last few year, beyond anything I thought I could tolerate, which I'm not even going to describe here, as you might think I'm making shit up for pity or whatever.

Still not broken, all this shit only makes me laugh now. Planning to rebuild my stack into the 6 figures at least this bullrun and millions next, if not I could always go live in the woods far away from this nigger society.

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newfag here, does anyone here use webull for stocks/crypto trading?

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but what if at about when anonsis are having at in a stroke?

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Help me practice talking to women. I'll be the guy, you say what you think an average woman would say back.

Hey. What's up cutie?

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Um, hey guys, can you please wait for me?
My paycheck doesn't come until next week so I can't buy tomorrow. Um, thanks!

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what's stopping americans to constantly shoplift their groceries if no one can touch you? worse you can get is some zoomer filming you and be trending on tiktok
sadly the country i live in still has common sense placed so i can't do that unless i want my dick to be extremely flaccid but i would love to get free food

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>Why do crypto bros pretend they're "in it for the tech"?
I'm not.

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>if you trade like a retard and if you don't sell at 100 points, and instead trade how I painted here, then you'll lose money... this proves Stoch RSI is bad!
Cute strawman.

>backtesting Stoch RSI to claim Stoch RSI doesn't work
You have to be a pretty special kind of retard to think you can backtest Stoch RSI (or regular RSI for that matter) and get any meaningful results. The reason programmed trades (a backtest) always gets you rekt is because Stoch RSI requires a human intellect and market awareness and the R stands for Relative, which is what a programmed trade is incapable of understanding as its not a human and just buys and sells blindly without taking into consideration whether it's a bull market or bear market etc (which changes how Stoch RSI behaves; ie during bear markets it can linger for a long time on the bottom and during bull markets it can stay topped for a while).

>literally less profitable than buy and hold
Translation: "I'm low IQ and only capable of hoddling like a dumb plebbitor, therefore I desperately want le epic HODL to be superior, even in face of the obvious and undeniable reality of the superiority of Sell High Buy Low (which Stoch RSI among other things makes easy). So I'm just going to close my eyes to reality and pretend it doesn't existed, even after I got totally BTFO'd beyond any hope of recovery."

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excited for the future frens. hope dk fucks off though

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>learn about crypto in 2017, accumulate ETH at $90
>it moons to $200 within the week
>starts correcting down
>market sell at $180
>set limit buy at $130
>go to bed
>wake up
>now have 20 more ETH than I had yesterday and it was already back up to where I sold it
beginners luck is real

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yes, their share count/past offerings/the lofty goals were pie in the sky tier....this is coming the BHLL Shill who is also balls deep in a Gayhorse.

even though i talk shit i hope not too many frens get burnt. i want us all to make it

Hope you are well Pan

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>anon is seething about sovposters
Delicious tears.

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Fucking getting horsecocked by a gayhosre sux. I'm getting Prepped by the BHLL too but i feel it my bones BHLL will be good. Nigerfagit Horse, not so much.

Anyone wanna take a guess at USOIs div amount for this month? .168 is my guess

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thanks fren, getting hydrated

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Spent all night shitposting and researching altcoins?

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I'm a confused smoothbrain.

What does this mean? I just trade I dont know what all the tech stuff is?

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It's as easy as exchanging in-Exodus and hodling?

Is it a taxable event, or only if I (foolishly) cash out?

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Let it dump to $44 so I can buy back in

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it's fun isn't it

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>Be Elon Musk
>Buy an assload of a literally useless shitcoin
>Tweet about shitcoin
>The norman masses eat that shit up and start pumping the shitcoin to ridiculous price levels because kooky billionaire understands le memes
>Dump your bags on the normans for enormous profit
>Repeat every 6 months after people forget obvious pump and dump

Is it really that easy?

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soon the happening of happenings

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>too afraid to invest in case shit gets wacky
>if it's fake and gay I'll miss out on 100% gains

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Will the ch*nks crash it or pump it when they wake up tomorrow?
Asking for a friend.

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