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Step 1: Change gender
Step 2: Change name
Step 3: Re-apply

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So i am a telemarketer for the biggest newspaper in my country.

We sell additional magazines for our current customers. I make 20 USD for each magazine I sell, the subscription pack is 1 year - but the customer can cancel at ANY time, and i will get paid.

Obviously, some of my calls get monitored, not all of them though. So i am able to make quite a bit of money if I play my cards right. The only thing that is bad for me is if the customer resigns before 14 days (right of withdrawal), which will fuck up my stats.

How should i word myself on the phone to get most people to buy?
Prices for the customer: 5 USD each month (1 magazine), so total 60 USD for a year.
I'm not here for ethics, but tips for selling more. I call people ranging from ages 25-99. Some lists targets younger people, and some 65+ people.
If you need additional information, just comment.

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