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>no one will remember me
>buy LINK
>fuddie will remember me forever

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There's no way out for hedgies. No matter what BBBY does, the stock price will squeeze because of the regarded apes and there's nothing you can do about it. Bankruptcy = bullish. Merger = bullish. Both? Bullish. Nothing? BULLISH. If they go bankrupt, our favorite weirdo billionaire will see the immense value and sweep it up. Too bad for you they are in no danger of bankruptcy. On what basis, do you even know how business works in any way or are you parroting news articles that have a bias to drop the stock price? Do you actually have any idea what's going on behind the scenes? BBBY is a coveted iconic all-american brand, and buy buy baby is a one-of-a-kind brand that solves a need for a strong, quality specialty baby product selection, just like RC saw a need with Chewy back in the day.

I know for absolute sure that Gmerica is a BBBY x GME x Teddy reverse merger, but even if I'm completely wrong, we will see an immense squeeze based on the basic fundamentals of financial statement valuation. If we do absolutely nothing and Sue does absolutely nothing but jacking off for the next 6 months, we will still squeeze.

No, absolutely everything points to MOASS. That's just some icing on the cake and a fun easter egg from our great CEO. Hedgies are crying and pooping their pants right now. They're paying bad actors and shills to create discord on reddit and online communities because BBBY's squeeze will put them out of business. You're probably a paid shill too, that's why you spend most of your NEET life on BBBY threads while claiming you have no vested interest!

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Has the lackluster dump after the horrendous dump made you reassess your trading strategy and near-term market outlook, /smg/ frens? I think bears are running out of steam, and barring something truly disastrous, like china invading taiwan, we won't get much lower. If I'm right, we'll revisit the lows only one more time and have far less volatility for the remainder of the year.

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Good Night, Sleep Tight

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>ameriburgers get 200k before tax when they announce salary
>gotta pay taxes, insurances, dumb expensive rent in jewsangeles,
>Europeans get 110k after tax, 4 weeks of vacation, Healthcare, bonuses, paid leave in case of birth or accidents, less work hours etc
Honestly burgers are funny, europe is extremely /comfy/

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It's okay fren, not all of us are. I still got my silver in teh mail so I'm waiting for the juice to arrive.

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Very nice. I need to try and get my dad into it. I know there is a coin autist deep down in him somewhere, so I will try and exploit that angle.
I think it's possible we see a significant drop in demand from platinum. EVs don't use platinum group metals to the extent that catalytic converter technologies do. As the EVs take up more of the auto market, metals like silver will have more upside. I read that it could be similar to the drop in demand of silver from the switch from film to digital photography, but at the same time, with emerging markets in countries that have poor environmental regulations, we could see a rising demand for better catalytic converters even as conventional vehicles become a smaller percent of the total market.

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Also checked

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bought a nice stack, gonna wake up tomorrow comfy

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>>28254815 has revealed an updated short interest of 78%. Large if factual.
Nothing eventful until tomorrow's pre-market. Last bread of the night.

>is the squeeze squoze?

>relevant read
>>27590984 (Cross-thread) #

>Real-Time Trades

>Trade Halts

>NYSE Short Restrictions

>Most Shorted Stocks
Previous: >>28249353 (OP)

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has you used uniswap fren? forgive my comfy attire, I am so cozy rich thinking now

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wats al da racket I wus nappy?

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I like a nappy during the day.

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