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>I wonder
keep wondering...
keep wandering...
guess you who are in pic related

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June 21
Chainlink cube

>we're taking over, and it's a hostile takeover

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>By reviving the Egyptian tradition and adopting their symbols through counter-initiation, one only activates the "psychic residues" of those dead traditions and may even adopt the so-called negative traits of those civilizations
interesting point about activating "psychic residues"
Jung talks about the power of archetypes and symbols when it comes to the human mind

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>how would you interpret a scenery within a dream that depicts a large inverted pyramid (about the size of OP's pic) with it's capstone sunken into an open grass field, while there's an eclipse?
very interesting
almost like pic related except with the pyramid inverted

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>2018 was a weird year

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Michael Talbot (1953-1992), was the author of several books on holograms and quantum mechanics, and their relationship to ancient mysticism and the theoretical models of reality. Talbot explored the works of physicist David Bohm and neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, who independently reached the conclusion that the universe operates on a holographic model. In Talbot's book, The Holographic Universe, Talbot also arrives at this conclusion and maintains that the holographic model might also explain numerous paranormal and unusual phenomena as well as offer a basis for mystical experiences.

In 1982, at the University of Paris a research team led by physicist Alain Aspect performed what may turn out to be one of the most important experiments of the 20th century. Aspect's experiment was related to the EPR Experiment, a consciousness experiment which had been devised by Albert Einstein and his colleagues, Poldlsky and Rosen, in order to disprove Quantum Mechanics on the basis of the Pauli Exclusion Principle contradicting Special Relativity.

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reminds me of

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im the best stylometric analyst in the world
all apart of the team working on bitcoin
thats why its impossible to distinguish any stylometrics of satoshis posts on bitcointalk
bitcointalk modeled UI style after stormfront
they were apart of a division of the NSA
NSA = Nakamoto, SAtoshi
hidden in plain sight

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>The puppet masters pulling the strings
pic related
you can see the strings being pulled while the rabble bicker and argue
and the (((academics))) ignore reality in order to retreat into their books

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others are too busy reading or bickering or being pre-occupied with "pulling the strings" to notice what's happening in the background
>pic related

>t. someone who's parents took him to witches which could "perform" black magic and "interact" with spirits
>It's obviously a charade
just because your parents are a charade doesn't mean it's not real

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>"And blood-black nothingness began to spin... A system of cells interlinked within cells interlinked within cells interlinked within one stem... And dreadfully distinct against the dark, a tall white fountain played."

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>hint: pic related
>bonus hint: burning bush
this is a painting at Bank of America as part of a three part mural
>really gives you the big think doesn't it

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>top left of the picture
>black sun

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sometimes a picture really is worth a 1000 words

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>pic related
will anon join us ascended ones, or stay below with the mob and the rabble?
>pic related (bank of amerikkka mural)
>the rabble arguing in the bottom left
>the ascended ones pulling the strings of the (inside-the-box) thinkers
>what's that in the background?
>a burning bush and a pyramid?
heh, who knows...surely it's just a coincidence

>What kind of bud you getxl, i get mids cus im a broke broke.
I have a family friend who give me his medicinal, I never ask what strand or care to know. I trust him to supply me my marijuana and wouldn't be caught dead in a (((government))) dispensary
you now that during prohibition, the american government intentionally poisoned alcohol so that people who were drinking the forbidden alcohol would die

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>((((pyramid scheme))))

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The anti-christ is blind in his right eye

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Bank of America mural

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london is proud
>what did they used to say about pride?
>pride comes before the fall?
>heh, what do they know, bunch of old farts, we've (((progressed))) so much since then
>better watch the sportsball game
>pic related
>the talking heads on tv that they show you are the plebs on the left
>the ascended stairway is where the enlightened go to pull the strings of fate
>woman trapped in a box
>inside the box thinking
>pyramid and burning bush in the background
>loser/neet too busy doing banal passive things to care and bother to see

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OP has 1 post. You're talking to air. Beware the FUD jew, the banks hate this and are scared.

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>more ridiculous FUD attempts

You guys make this hold so comfy. Enjoy your .005 shekels for my reply. Stay classy, Jews.

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I've been considering investing into sin stocks but I've never done anything related before, could I get some advice /biz/?

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