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I am witness to his divine power. Please do not feel alone this Xmas. The gift of life is something to cherish and give thanks for everyday.


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>42 is our spiritual leader
I had really good teachers who were willing to go on a limb to show me the way
thank you all for your assistance and instructions, it is greatly appreciated:

>Church Order.
>We ask you, brothers, to respect those who are laboring among you and who are over you in the Lord and who admonish you,
>and to show esteem for them with special love on account of their work. Be at peace among yourselves.
>We urge you, brothers, admonish the idle, cheer the fainthearted, support the weak, be patient with all.
>See that no one returns evil for evil; rather, always seek what is good [both] for each other and for all.

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>your posts combined with all this Q stuff going on has got me praying for the past couple of nights.
it's funny because I was posting those Kleck videos and here's the thing when he talks about ringing the bell at 2:26 he refers to Strong's concordance (every word in the bible has an associated number, with the old testament written in hebrew and the new testament written in greek)

well strong's concordance for 226 in hebrew is:
"a sign"

strong's concordance for 226 in greek is:
"to speak the truth"

here's the video where he talks about that:

here's the original bell ringing video:

so what's the big deal?
well my mother then sent me and my wife a text in the house group chat (since we are all at the family home in a rural area hunkering down during these times) that we should watch the movie "Signs" with Mel Gibson:

so I flipped a shit because the bell ringing video was filmed by Kleck at 2:26 and we already established that it means "sign"

that's not even the end of it, after telling my mother and wife about this, they thought it was just a simple coincidence

then Kleck uploads another video a few hours later that exact same day
I wake up at 4:00am for some reason and see that he's just uploaded a video
I put it on and my mind is blown
See the newest video for yourself, he doesn't even say a word and just lets it play. It's almost as if God is communicating through us:

I told you that miracles happen when watching Jonathan's videos. He is John the Baptist 2020.

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>pic related
>he's from my home town
the sodomites in the European Parliament are in major trouble
I will keep them in my prayers and hope that they repent to Jesus at the last moment
otherwise their safety cannot be guaranteed

>hint: God knows your innermost thoughts and desires, search out for him and ask for him, ask for Jesus to come in your life and help guide you along the right path. Ask for God's guiding light and work every day to change your thoughts and behaviour to best model that of Jesus Christ.

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>Johnathan Kleck
>he's John the Baptist in 2020

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>that video said almost nothing of substance and he asked for money?
the explanation of the wheat and the tares was mindblowing
him talking about marriage after I just got married a week ago was another synchronicity
I would recommend watching his previous videos where he shows what the Vatican is and teaches from the Bible

he also is operating a ministry (of course unofficially) and takes donations. He also mentions that if you're tight on money not to send him anything. I would look into his past and what he did before he was saved, he was in the guiness book of world records for skydiving marketing and was preparing as a participant for the x-games in his youth.
He performs miracles that I've experienced through watching his videos, I'm serious.

He's John the Baptist 2020.

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>Why do you think currency and cryptography are so inter-related? Particularly in the context of the rise of “cryptocurrencies” aka DLTs, why are DLTs such a revolution when it comes to the concept of currency?
Lack of a central authority.

>do you think it will lead to a separation of state and the issuance of currency in the same way that the church and state were separated in the west?
Yes. Read "The Sovereign Individual". Predicted all of this shit.

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Thank you for the information.

Regarding what's happening I find Jonathan Kleck to be an amazing resource when it comes to teaching about Jesus Christ and Christianity:

Jonathan Kleck is St. John the Baptist:

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This is the information you need to understand what is going to happen. This is a place with good intentions for grown ups that want to improve society. Make the the world a better place.

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>You cannot "misuse" and "corrupt" saturnian/chtonic rites
it's why I always state that the only practices I engage in are Catholic ones
and yes the church is corrupt but there are good people still working for God within that institution and to give up on it would be a bad thing, especially given how much it's currently under attack
even though there is a section of the book on the rituals, I only read them and never actually did any of them and discourage other anons from doing them for obvious reasons (this was also stated in a previous thread as well)

other technical and historical aspects are very much relevant to the discussion and are interesting for further knowledge and information to be indexed against what we already know regarding the teachings in the Bible and historical records

>who is Jesus' Father and is the Father the same in both Testaments?
my fundamental premise is that they are since Jesus says this directly many times in the New Testament

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>Mr. 42, I am so glad to see a man like you btfo'ng these self proclaim wisemen
the only downside is that these same self-proclaimed (((wisemen))) become murderous when they realize that you are a threat to their monopoly of mind control
>pic related

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>water is like air juice
you're telling me brother...
>pic related

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>thank you for sharing marine.

>take me to the river
>dip me in the water
>push me in the river
>dip me in water

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>mornings with the manchild
lol turns out the joke is on Jim
However, I think he's on the cusp of understanding
he was in this thread:

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no wonder baptism involves water
the trinity nature of water reflects the higher level trinity nature of the God head

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