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>It's over isn't it
No it's not fucking over. It never will be over because Kleros is a stealth god-coin. No it isn't going to make you rich this bull run, if you're an inpatient faggot like 90% of this board then gamble your money on nigger-tier coins like mcdonald's coin or any other faggot food coin.

Imagine selling LINK in 2017 because you're an impatient faggot. That's what you're doing when you sell PNK. I hope when the threads complaining that PNK dumped to $10 and retards asking if 100 PNK is enough to make start cropping up that you pick a painless form of suicide.

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Are we finally getting back on track, bros?
Clement, pls help me

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wow, checked

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I only have 20k I was hoping for one more dip.... I guess I am happy regardless.

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bullish for pnk

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That was actually 2/2. There's 1/2:
It’s case 3623 on Kelors Scan

It was involving a rape case in what you would consider a suburb of Mumbai. They call it “Palm Beach” somewhere in Sector 18 I believe. I hear it’s a nice place, relatively speaking, nothing compared to the Palm Beach in America. But a quaint enough place overlooking the Arabian Sea, without the hustle and bustle of downtown Mumbai, and a part of India where there’s no McDonald’s but international schools, banks, etc. A little slice of civilization in uncultured rot.

Anyway the case was odd, I was on a hung jury that saw the case appealed to the appellate court (real PNK whales who sit on the appeals and Supreme Court from their large deposits). It basically involved the victim being raped off of Budhyadev Mandir Marg Blvd leaving the Bank of India around 9am local time.

I won’t bore you with all the deals but the victim was taken down the street to Pooja Hospital, literally less than a block from the attack. The victim almost died, not due to injuries sustained but an infection she picked up from the hospital. Thankfully the hospital did submit the rape kit to us, of course with the victims consent.

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you are baster mother fuker

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Sitting on my suicide stack and just waiting it out. The threads were ruined when normiefags joined in and took the pajeet larps too far to the point where it stopped being funny.

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Any anon has the one where the boss says : "i own you one federico." ?

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It’s going to happen.

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I make Kleros memes like this and I’m not part of any gayass Discord.

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I see your JoJo and I raise you.

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we've only just begun

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Pnk lives matter though

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Here’s how you become a better man. Listen up and listen closely.
1. Stop the porn
2. Stop the masturbation
3. Empty your pee bottles
4. Sell 25% of your stack
5. Put it into pnk
6. Sell at $4+ in a year or two
7. Profit
8. Male thread thanking me for this advice

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I just fucking got out of BAT/ LINK / RVN AND XRP to get all those funds into PNK.

you better be right faggots holy shit.

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No idea what you guys are talking about but I can't stop buying PNK!!!!

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I hate the new blood that’s joined the PNKies. You’re such fucking faggots.

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I can smell your government cheese breath wafting all the way over here, bud.
Hey, you’ll still do a 10x when you FOMO in at $1.

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Pic related

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I like it.

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The red pill is that you buy pnk and reserve yourself a Ticket to the citadel by 2023

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