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He was only right about link >100x
He was only right about qnt >500x
He was only right about ven/vet >100x
He was only right about KTLYO >10x
>(you’re here)
He was only right about about PRQ >300x

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Lmao imagine a random clown. Do you think you’re smarter then the CEO of coin metro?

Do you think you’re smarter then me who spends your portfolio on a car? Pic related $150K car.

Also video of CEO of coin metro saying Parsiq has more value then LINK!!!!


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Are you retarded or something? Exactly why it’s still 100K. The make it stack has always been 100K are you retarded mate. Please stfu and gtfo out of my thread if you can’t afford the $150K usd car I bought this week. Please just stfu and don’t tell me shit about make it stacks because YOU HAVENT MADE IT

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I can afford to be a baggie because I made it. Check out my new 2023 Shelby I just bought you broke fucking baggie. Show me your car broke faggot

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