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Where's the big crash wagie doomer?

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You say something short baggie bro? I can't see your post. Weird.

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Based. What kind of music and books do you make/plan on making?

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If you are afraid of debt, you will never make it.

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he should just get his act together and make it up to everyone by squeezing in another coin that would come in ahead of schedule

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And there you have it: I buckbroke the wagie! Thank you all for coming to see my performance, it was my pleasure.

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this is true lol a lot of boomers with high net worths but not in careers related to finance think this. I have gotten to that point with them a few times in conversations about bitcoin

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it's going to 12k, thanks for playing

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If you are
then your service was bad and I will not be tipping.

Looking at something ugly does objectively make my dining experience less enjoyable. Please take care of your appearance before approaching my table.

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Get passive income
Never work again
Move away from this place in a nigger free country
Bang asian sluts
Simple as

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I knew a girl who had no money but would use tinder etc. to go on dates with losers and convince them to take her to expensive restaurants. One time she ordered lobster but had to ask the waitress how to eat it. She is also black.

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>he's seen at least TWO bullruns and doesn't have at least $1,000,000 yet
How do you cope?

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Thanks for taking those bags off my hands, friend.

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Wagie wagie, lift my boxie
Chop chop, top shelf, don't be lazy.
Ragie ragie, scream and fume
Boomer wants his new bathroom.
Wagie wagie, hurt your spine?
Want a tip? Won't get a dime.

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As soon as my parents die I inherit their paid-off house, nice try though wage-shill.

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I collect NEETbuxx

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>Plus they typically have a good wait staff
They <3 their jobs....apperently.

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well not me I eat my tendies with shitloads of ketchup

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sold at 23k, will buy next few weeks at 19k-20k
good luck biz

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kek, baggies.

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