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Please poots, print for anon today

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someone's making smoothies on CNBC

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Who /SVXY/ here?

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The FED blessed us with this brief opportunity to dump everything and reset shorts

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1 week anniversary of selling my 7 SPY $335 3/2 puts for a 15% gain. Would have turned $1K into almost $25K if I held. Luckily up 35% on SQQQ bought just after that.

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trading has changed me.
i used to just watch porn.
now i watch porn and see situations as a natural side effect of having money.
just lots of loose women think you're gonna pick 'em lmao

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that looks like good dip

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it was, good catch.
he is absolutely going to be tasting that gash tonight

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i prefer them to storebought beef jerky just because they aren't as chewy.
more like eating a dried sausage.

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she's gonna be pretty in her 50's

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just think of all the footage as people emerge from their quarantined apartments, pry off the weldings on their door, and go back to work

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it's so obvious, the chinese government has huge incentive to lie and western media has a huge incentive to spread fear so people tune in.
the fact i lost 10%, on a friday dump for weekend coke money, FUCKING 10% ON A ROUTINE DUMP, kind of shows the volume and future ceiling.
finna make it bro.

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med fag and LCI believer
only FDA-approved cocained-based nasal spray approved for general local anasthesia for all surgery and procedures in and around the nose.
everything from intubation/NG tubes to major facial reconstruction. Cocaine-based products are the most popular (cuz they most effective) local anasthesia, but it's relied on injection for administering it so if you're getting intubated, too bad so sad you're gonna feel this fucker smash down your trachea. with Numbrino, just a little spray and you'll be chatting with the doc in between getting tubed same as at the dentist.
and it has no competitors.
LCI is one of the surest things i've ever seen.
imagine buying novacaine at $10/share. because that is quite literally what numbrino is, aerosolized novacaine.
no competitors.
going to market.
get comfy anon.

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