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I had eth stuck in v3, the loss for a little while was actually creep down. I was retarded for not realizing this was because eth price was down, just happened to look today and it was much worse because of the eth pump.
you fags that have shit stuck on there, realize, if market pumps the loss gets worse...bad...

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>it's backers, compare this team to uniswaps
this for sure. i mean, there is literally no contest here, bancor team has been around since like 2011 working in crypto, has actual established financial experts/theorists working it. even that dirtbag andre that everyone seems to worship admitted outright he cut/pastes bancor code and said the contracts are so sophisticated he does not understand them.

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destination:MADE IT
>CMC:barely clinging to top 100
>sushi/uni/*swap:cut and paste forks of bancor worth 5-10x
>andre:"I cut and paste bancor, i can't even understand the contracts they are so advanced"

Bancor is the most obvious moonshot in existence.

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LM 20 BNT per hour.
when the multipliers all get there 40 per hour.
My brain

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>Alright, give me one reason to not put my life savings in bancor. That shit sounds way too good to be true
I can't except I never go all in.
Right now though, at this point and for what will likely be a quite awhile, BNT is a literal money printer. This is the first one I have put a decent stack into and I am legit stressing over putting in a much bigger, like 40% of my holdings...

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>worth of stablecoins and it's literally a money printer for BNT lol.

i have 28k bnt in the usdc pool and the LM is ~100 BNT per day. Im doing math here trying to convince myself to not convert every single thing I own to BNT and going in on the BNT side. I feel like its to easy, something has to be wrong...

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>checked but is that 250 every 12 weeks
have to wait 12 weeks for 250%

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why is bancor almost out of the top100?
why is bancor mcap 250m and uni is like 3 billion?
no shill, dgaf what you do, is bancor an obvious 10x or not? I don't get it.

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>Isn't Andre behind it though? He seems to get his following to ape into shit all the time. Minus that one rug... Only issue I see is that their fees will go up making them less competitive on aggregators.
lol no.
pic related was bancors founder, she was the face of it anyways.

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are you here anon?
>2. Go to swap.bancor.network
>3. Click "Data" on the left hand side
>4. Click the blue + button next to the pool you want to add to
>5. Click "Stake and Protect"
>6. Enter the amount you want to stake and protect
>7. ?????
>8. profit

single side or dual side?

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forgot, pic related.

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>most unethical project in crypto
>stole $150 million ico money and just never did anything after that
>3 years of wasted time

This. The stated purpose of this token from the whitepaper is literally uniswap, they had the idea nearly 4 years ago,fully articulated, and they had 153 million dollars worth of ethereum to fund writing the code that would take a single competent developer a few months to write, and would take a team of competent developers weeks...
>no board of directors
>no regulators
>no laws
>literally no responsibility or accountability to anyone

PIC related literally never needs to do a thing and there is absolutely nothing to be done of it, she has the ICO ether and 10% of the issued tokens(6.9 million).
In real world they would be in prison or would be persona-non-grata as total morons and failures.

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