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based thread
so many fellow bongs on /biz/

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anon, i don't think you can reliably correlate this minor concern with price movement. it's a big world. sit back, relax, zoom out and trust the plan.

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Is it stupid to try to negotiate salary right now? I'm an archaeologist which isn't a well paid field anyway but even by those standards I'm underpaid. I could get the same money going back to just digging holes, whereas in this job I supervise jobs and use surveying equipment, take on some project management and do pretty advanced GIS work.
I argued with them over it in January and got an extra £500 (to £20.5k, fucking lmao) but was told to raise the matter again in the summer, so now it is summer I feel like I should bring it up again.

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Getting paid my 2019 bonus this week
How should I split it?
Britfag with almost no savings and renting atm if that helps

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