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You could have bought gold.
You could have chosen to live.

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I have an address on my old wallet.dat from 2012 called /g/ and I got multiple anon's to send me .001 BTC from begging in threads

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>black people get killed on average more than white
because they have a higher number of police encounters in the first place
can't get killed by a cop if you don't have an encounter with the cops
adjusting for the rate of police encounters, however, white people are disproportionately killed during police encounters
(alt hype shines some light on the subject: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ki07v1gnBaM/
watch between 13:30 and 17:15 for a quick rundown, but i recommend the whole video)

even if things weren't this way, the fact of the matter is that all most anons on /pol/ and /biz/ want is to be able to express their natural right to voluntary disassociation
if you're black and wanna have your boots licked by whites or you're white and you wanna kneel and pander to blacks for being black, then that's great—you can do that in your own society that you run yourself, for however long it'll run
we'll make our own spaces and and tailor them to our liking because we are acting within the parameters of our natural rights in doing so; you are not entitled to our existence, or the products of our existence

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Let's see what the FED has to say about this later today.

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>53.3% keeping boomers alive

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why is vitriol and venom so synonymous with collectivist mentality? if he were rich from trading crypto, you'd be saying that he didn't deserve any of his money and should've had to have worked for it.
sure, he doesn't earn the money that he makes on unemployment—but until you separate yourself from him economically, you definitely deserve to have your money taken from you to pay for his tendies. no sense in hating him for doing what the system that you pay into allows him to do.
to argue anything else is irrational.

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AAL has the least of the major airlines

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This company isn't going anywhere, yes it's hovering around 13c and once the economy re opens it might dance around 15c.
But other than that is a waste of time in my buck.

Fuck I knew this shit was going you take off today but I couldn't sleep last night and I fell to sleep mid trade today, what's your take on UCO anon, should I buy 100 contracts and just let them sit until next month.
UCO is about to gain but it'll gain slow for what I see

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>everyone capitulated

oh no no no


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>why didn’t people post in this very general telling me contango wouldn’t happen?!
we did and you ignored us

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>10y dipping
HOW? Isn't it already worthless?? Lmao

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>cases finally going down
>retards in my state start protesting the virus
>cases start spiking to new all time highs
jesus fuck, what is wrong with you retards?

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Also this. Watching it all implode from the inside has been pretty eye opening. Our country is run by retards, regardless of whether you look at the public or private sectors. All these dumbasses just got their positions because of ((((connections)))), not because they're in any way competent human beings. The emperor has no clothes and we're all gonna die.

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i already paid 30% of my income in taxes now they want me to pay another 9% on everything I buy. It's a double tax. how did we get to this point

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I'm well aware of that and what's going to happen next.

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What we are about to witness will make the great depression look like a nothingburger.

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Clown market, my friend.

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The death of a major politician would just result in a +2000 day.

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>It's a nothingburger! That's why governments are throwing everything and the kitchen sink at it!!1

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Economy is fucked, we are going to be going down for a while. We are definitely in a recession, we'll see if we enter a depression. Considering we have 30% unemployment in 2 weeks, things are going to get fucked FAST.

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Did you buy it for under $10? If no, you are fucked.

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