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Nice, wishing you GL with your auction scrapfren. Do you have the flip side too? Curious 'bout this Uruguayan coin.

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thanks for the business advice fren

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just posted a $2000 sell wall at 17k
thank me latter fellow anons!

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I'm not unbrave!

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Just had two boiled eggs to eat, bros. I think I'm ready for this.

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Well... they aren't forced to hire you either.

Why do you even bother? They'll never hire you anyway. Long-neeters are discriminated against, and for good reason : they tasted freedom, thus will make terrible slaves.

Your only chances at life now is to either find a sugar mommy to pay for your neetdom, or start your own business (undeclared if possible). But don't expect any corpo or company to ever give you a job. Maybe on gubment payroll for the lowest imaginable gubment trash job like picking up trashes left on the ground in the public spaces.. But usually they prefer to hire niggers freshly off the boat who don't speak a word of english to do this kind of stuff.

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This here's a wholesome thread

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I'll be your reference

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agoogoo gagaga guguguguggu gagagagaga *gooogooo* gooo gooo gagagaga goo gooo ga

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>I just read the orderbooks and the Binance trading charts and trade based on intuition and numbers coming in
Got any resources to share on this fren?

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want to learn how to profit in getting a waifu?

>go out somewhere where you can find girls (park, city, whatever)
>if you see a girl you like say the following
>hi got a second? (confident smile)
>just had to talk to you or I would hate my self later
>I think you very cute and I would like to get to know you

>she says
> 1) sorry I have a boyfriend
> no surprise, although last time I checked there is no law against going out with another guy
> 1a) still no
> ok have a nice day :)
> 1b) hihihihihi
> how about I give you my number and you call me if you change your mind

>2) no
> to bad have a nice day (smile again and be proud you tried fucking faggot)

> 3) eeeeewwww
> well your character does not match your looks have a nice day (be proud you tried fucking faggot)

>4) hihihihihi
>how about you give me your number and I will text you, whats your name?

there you go frens. free of charge go out there and get your waifu

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I'll be interested once most boomers are vaccinated and start to drop like flies. They own 90% of the real estate in this country, the minute they start to die en masse we'll get access to a lot of cheapies and it will finally become a buyer market.
Based jews risking everything just to offer us discounted silver and cheap houses. Truly the greatest allies.

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I give a fuck op!
Shitcoins to deth!

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How is it going /smg/ bros?

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What's the issue fren?

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360 club here. No one bought higher than me

In for the long haul frens

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It's been a wild ride biz see you tomorrow, big gains to all of you

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>if you spend your money into something who doesnt exist, no one can steal it from you!
absolute genius!
shitcoins holders are truly the greatest minds on this planet.

At least this time they seems to acknowledge they are gambling on hot air ponzi scams who will eventually crash down to zero, where they belong, instead of being dumb cultist like in 2017. That's a good thing, at least they'll be smart enough to secure some gains instead of having 'hands of steel'. On the other hand, the day the fear kicks in, since no one want to lose this musical chairs' game it will be the fastest paced crash ever recorded, and literally anything could trigger it. The volatility will be out the chart.
Now seems to be a good time to partially cash out if you already made sweet gains, at least withdrawing your initial + a lil' bonus?

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Thanks fren, you a hero!

>pic related, you...OP

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