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they constantly jump from rugpull to rugpull,
it's all so tiresome...

and it's always the melady and anime girl avatar fags that are the slimiest pieces of shit
i know you all browse here

what happened to being a maxi or to believe in something for more than 1 week

> t. intentionally made this thread more than 5 words long to filter zoomers

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it seems like they're taking advantage of the first wave hype to cash out.

> inb4 grayscale customers selling to buy ETF
if that was true then BTC wouldn't have dropped almost 10k. inflows and outflows would have been fairly equal

as vanguard said, pension funds and asset managers are unlikely to invest (at least not for a long while) in such a risky and volatile asset where the large share of ownership is totally unknown

the real reason for blackrock etf is something that started 1 year ago with the SVB usdc depeg. this was the same time that BTC stopped moving on weekends as the onramp/offramp was cut off by US agencies. dyor.

even until today we all sit and wait for bankers in NY to wake up and go to their office on monday before BTC price starts to move.

coinbase, circle, blackrock are closely tied and the agenda is to onshore the majority of btc into US so that they can control it and neutralise it (if needed).
it has nothing to do with pumping your bags. and this is also why ETF funds have started funding/donating/bribing BTC devs.

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my fucking food delivery guy got into accident on the way here. Fucking useless

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let me guess, you think this is because of some Jewish conspiracy rather than an api issue that will be resolved soon

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it's really annoying having to drink so much water every single day

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>and for no reason at all america was the wealthiest country on earth

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