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A "crypto" project that gets funded by Sandro Salsano gets a "smartcontract.com" domain that was initially created in 2008, swift poc, Ari Juels the creator of Proof of Work, Tom Gonser as an advisor, Sergey Nazarov as the CEO the philosophy major who calculates every move he makes and will make in the future, absolute silent during the great bullrun of 2017(not a single fucking tweet while every altcoin was trying to hype up the pump), Klaus Schwab mentioning "smartcontract.com" in his 4th industrial revolution book, the fucking WEF itself selecting it as one of the most innovative projects, BSN China blockchain integrating Chainlink, the fucking WEF itself co-authoring a whitepaper with Sergey Nazarov, Chainlink basically starting the DeFi bullrun of 2020 Summer securing over $3bn with its price feeds that have withstood turbulent market conditions. Then not to mention the 2 years of bear market where LINK was basically the only crypto gaining USD value and massive sats value. Not to mention the countless times it tried to brake $0.6 resistance only for Bitcoin to take a massive dump. Chainlink is so special that it has its very own FUD company "Zeus Capital". The main Chainlink discussion forum "4channel.org/biz" has been heavily FUDing LINK since it was first mentioned here. Over all the 3 years, Chainlink is mentioned on this board every single day. Not a day goes by without Chainlink threads.

And now when Bitcoin is finally going up after 3 years of waiting you are telling us that BTC is "King" and LINK is just another "alt"? Fuck off kike. Never selling.

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The 4th Industrial Revolution is a multi faceted concept, that is truly limitless in scope, because its creative potential is beyond our own perception to understand. It CAN be refined/distilled to one field of ideas. So far to date, the best written codification of this field of ideas, is Nick Sazbo's writings on "God Protocol". In this, Nick describes a series of traits in this protocol, that amount to a trustless, omniscient, and evolutionary environment for interaction. His main focus on this idea was the focus of smart contracts, which is what link is best representative of, but this environment/protocol/supra-mind has two other essential components that complete the field. AI being one, and the IoT being the other. In the near future/present, large collections of IoT sensors, cpu's, cameras, robotics, etc. will feed realtime full spectrum data into advanced analytical and operation AIs'. This data will be processed by these AI and mined for efficiencies and other valuable extrapolations. These AI will analyze the available data from their allotted web of api's/IoT and create consistently up to date smart contracts, program/code updates/debugs, and to ensure consistent functional operation across the net. These AI will be managing billion and trillion dollar IoT networks/hardware/systems. Their security and end to end turstlessness will be absolutely necessary regardless of cost, because the savings and benefits in productivity and quality will justify it. The 4th IR, is AI, IoT, and Smart Contracts all communicating via trustless decentralized oracles.

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If LINK is /biz/'s Donald Trump then what is the equivalent of the 2016 election?

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Where on the bank account did Jason Parser...touch you?

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You will never make it. Everything you do is doomed to failure. Just give up worms.

I want to decentralize your soul.

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Trust the plan

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Yes, your soul energy was delicious youngling...

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he made $32 million just by scamming a bunch of 13 year olds on korean basket weaving forum

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another comfy thread with a another discord tranny getting BTFO. we're all gonna make it marines

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Sergey is the antichrist.

Prove me wrong.

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You look at things like the Town Crier acquisition and it's so... aggressive. Chainlink could have happily worked alongside Cornell and their friends at IC3, leveraging Town Crier to make their product better, hanging out with Ari... But that's not Sergey's vision. He wants to be the complete second layer solution. He wants to own and monopolise the academic leading edge of TEE technology.

And whether or not you believe the "the team are selling for a large acquisition" larp you can't deny that it's completely in keeping with their business strategy so far. Chainlink doesn't just want to be a niche first mover, it wants to be an entire suite of fully customisable smart contract execution software. I just wonder how much of a Bill Gates he's going to be. Honestly despite his humility and tact I would not be remotely surprised to see him become an absolutely ruthless businessman over the next couple of years. There's every reason to believe that his ambition is basically limitless.

I mean, the fucker owns smartcontract.com for fucks sake.

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Are you putting together a team?

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Where’s that larper “whale” who said btc would never be over 12k again? Also, remember he said bakkt on the 22nd would be bad. Hope you guys are strapped in 20k EOM

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I'm in this bitch at 0.17c. I ride it till 100b or I sink with it. Come on, whats your style, huh?

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I went to a blockchain conference the other day. About 30 or so people showed up. The presentation was about smart contracts. The presenter even mentioned R3. He was then asked about what oracles where
>An oracle is someone who plugs in data into the blockchain.
He had no idea about decentralized oracles or even the oracle problem. Neither did anyone else in the crowd. I might be the only one in my country that is in on this shit

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