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You didn't think it was over, did you?

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You really think we'd let you win anon?

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I'm still holding 3 just for giggles. I know it's over but I actually do like the stock.

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You mean dump? It's dead, my guy. Seriously, does anyone expect this to suddenly pump to a thousand bucks? Your window was the thursday before trading was restricted.

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It was over, two weeks ago pal.

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It's over and done.

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Two things;
>It's already dead
>If it frankensteins, RH and other brokers will just limit it again
Winning was never an option anon.

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GME is dead anon but at this point, anyone still holding pretty much has to keep holding. Wtf you gonna do? Sell at 100 bucks when you bought in at 250?

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What worries me right now is that I sold on RH to cover my investment last week and then I requested a transfer to fidelity.

The process of transferring assets isn't done yet BUT fidelity is showing all my GME holdings BEFORE I sold. I've never transferred before and now I'm worries these faggots are gonna hand me back my GME shares that I sold at ATH when the transfer is done.

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Stroke of bad luck running into us, /biz/

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Realistically, what do you expect will happen now? I think we'll see a rally back up to 350 in after hours and by open tomorrow it'll have dumped to sub 200.

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Fucking Judas boomer clowns, don't ruin our GME bull run. You're helping Citadel to close their shorts. AMC, BB, AAtards and others, it's about you too. One week ago, there was nothing but cryptoshit here, please sage these melvin intern threads. t. lurker

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You're dumb OP. It's gonna open at 500 and THEN dump to 100 by tuesday close. Shoulda waited 3 hours.

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>short GME
>price goes up
>long it
>maintain both positions until normies get bored and leave, one position covers the others' cost
>cover your longs
>maintain short into solvency
It was over before it began anon

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>475 pre market
>300 open
>rally to 400 by close
>pump to 350 after hours
>ATH 500 pre hours tuesday
>dump to 250 by open
>dump further to 150 by close
>Die next day at sub 100

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>500 peak
>Plummet to 250 by end of day
>Rise to 350 on tuesday pre hours
>Plummet to sub 100 by end of day
>Die by friday at 30-50
You know it and I know it.

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>Russian disruptors
I KNEW IT. You communist nazis are gonna pay.

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They covered their shorts last week when everyone only sold and no one could buy. It's ogre anon.

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It's over isn't it?

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Tops out at 400 on monday open, dumps all the way down to 50 by friday. Screenshot this.

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>GME squeeze starting on monday

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It'll open at 450 on monday and then dump all through out the week. Screenshot this

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The only time it'll be 500 is on monday open and then it's downhill. Screenshot this.

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