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>I find stuff that shouldn't be available everyday
Mind sharing your recent registrations? I've been registering stuff regularly for about a year and even for me the options are getting shittier by the day. Pretty sure we've reached saturation.

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We are gonna wagmi on monday probably.

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These threads are comfy as fuck man

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You're retarded I'm gonna buy more at .40
I just don't like red candles they have a very bad vibe

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I read every word. Thanks for taking the time to post this OP.

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I'm not lying fren i'm just a newfag tell me nothing's wrong please >>30146172

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When are we going back over 75c fantomchads? I bought at 75, so far I'm getting assfucked but I'm holding

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Just bought at 0.75 how fucked am I bros? Hold me

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>$200M Marketcap
>2-second finality with 1-block confirmation
>Mainnet since 2019: 4 shards, $0.001 fees
>Open Staking w/ 1000 Delegating Validators
>Uniswap V2 fork w/ cross chain assets
>Ethereum Bridge
>Crosschain bridge between BSC/DOT -> ETH. Cosmos and BTC soon.
>$7M in Grants and Bounties for Developers
>Binance.Us Listing & Coinbase Rosetta API (https://medium.com/harmony-one/insights-on-integrating-the-rosetta-api-developed-by-coinbase-22be2029ccea)


>https://twitter.com/harmonyprotocol/status/1357446592597348352?s=20 (EVM Compatibility)

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I saw your first post and thought it was a scam and ignored it. Second post I saw it had 2x since your first post so I got in. I saw some major crypto twitter people talk about this right after I bought yesterday. Thanks for connecting me with this man. Appreciate it.

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lmao seeing some of the btc maxis that were all "omg elon doge btc woooooow" are now seething in the comments. Fucking hilarious

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Absolutely. I learned my lesson the hard way.

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ok r*ddit
the other anons provided some resources. Thanks for the warning.
I will.
rootkit? ill check it out. thanks

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There's so much healing potential.
People have been taking mush for a long time too. The entire bible reads like a mush trip.
It's like the weed maxis. They exist in every industry. Lots of well rounded people that understand the realistic benefits of it. A lot of the san fran tech billionaires already microdose daily and talk about it freely.
You should actually try microdosing for a week. It's nothing like beer. It doesn't inebriate you man.
LOL addicted to shrooms isn't a thing man. It works the opposite way.
Most medicine even tylenol doesn't work unless you believe in it. Healing is like 80% mental.
Sitting on like 5000. Nasdaq listing will make this shit 30-40 in an instant.
This is the right approach. Overdoing anything will end badly. You can drown from drinking too much water lmao.
LOL i already have xmr. Most boomers that hated on weed didn't and weren't willing to open an ear to cbd and weed till FDA regulations. Its the same with this.
Weed is addictive because it stimulates your pleasure centers. Mushrooms don't do that.
Psychedelic Therapy Clinics will create an entire new world of jobs.

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I know all you old fags have ptsd from 2017/2018 but the future will be different. Crypto’s a house hold name. We are early and will benefit greatly from that. We will have dips but nothing compared to the previous crash. Bear market is FUD.

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My lil penny stock WHEN doin a lil sum again today. Up 202%.

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Dying lad these are great good work.

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What really changed things for me was managing my risk. I use the calculator on my exchange (Bybit and Bitmex have ones) and know how much I'm losing and winning per trade and if I can accept it. I adjust leverage and stops accordingly.

This particular episode of this podcast helped me a lot. I listened to it once, didn't take away much, and then lost a shitload of money. Listened to again but for real, and now I'm up a good amount consistenly. I hope it helps, anon.

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Yeah me too
It routinely makes me money too

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I got $3,000


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