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obv market trolling 7days 7hr 7min before halving some one sold a lot of btc

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jealous of the comfyness i guess

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Give me your favorite Divistock, Im buying tomorrow if we go red.

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And will be again

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thanks for the bed time story

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If I had the skill I'd make an edit if this one that got passed around a lot in the old days.
LUNC is the comfiest hold and looking at my bags that are still at a 4x feels good man

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dude just pull of a game and listen to some music, you'll want to relax your nerves so you don't panic and sell at the wrong time. Now isn't the time to redeem, that comes later.

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I’m up 60 ranks in the ethplorer link holders since last week. Why are people selling? Do they not know what’s coming?

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Silver actually has a strong and robust fundamental case tied to it. It literally doesn't matter if this squeeze happens or not. Its a safe and good investment as the industrial demand will continue to be strong in the coming years and the Jews continue to print currency like CRAZY. GME is a literal meme stock and is fundamentally dead and is only up because of a mass media swarm and normies buying in. If anything its good if they keep silver down, just another chance to get in cheaper.

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>tfw I was going to buy GME at 300$ but I couldn't set up an etrade account in time

lol thank God, it's just crypto for me now boys!

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..are we the minority now? What the fuck is going on

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>*massive heart palpitations and screaming into the void*

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Wow that means I can buy more to hold. Thanks for the info anon :DDDDDD

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Will Stellar Lumens moon?

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I'm in it for the long term. Time to buy more cheap!

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My father finally sit down with me. He was about to give me a lecture. Instead I educated him about crypto and friends. I explained to him how I became millionaire. it was a hard conversation with the future is now old man. Boomers BTFO

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Extremely comfy analysis. Still hate him tho

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moving from watching the 1m to the 5m chart has been a great decision


baba just called out people for trading. question: if you're going to swing, why not swing btc and if you make gains then add those to your xrp stack? seems safer than swinging xurps and potentially getting priced out if le ebin lagarde imf switch 2k eoy happens instantaneously

>it was 90 cents the other day
ah yikes. le cuckbase prices

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I bought most of my XRP when it was 35 cents and then some more later when it was 49, for a total of 1077 XRP. Woulda bought more but didn't have the dough at that moment.

Friend says it's gonna go down to 44 or 45 cents after the Spark drop, and the sparks ill end up being worth more.

What do you lads think?

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>token not needed

I have a decent link stack, heard this FUD before but don’t get it. Can any high iq anons explain this with supporting/refuting claims?

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luv u too, nini

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