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>bought at 35 i see pee per dkp

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>few seconds in
>we do KYC
>immediately closed the video
i'm good. i'll stick with ICP's internet identity being completely anonymous. oh and btw congratz for joining DSCVR. it just landed on Solana. built on ICP tech btw.

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What's with all the XRP schizos spamming /biz/ today? Smells of pajeets

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Do not speak on behalf a /biz and go be a newfag somewhere else, faggot.

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Never degen into only one project anon. Classic rookie move. Diversify your assets

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I think anon might be talking about XPRESS. With its payment gateway and NFTs marketplace as well as metaverse bank in progress

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Good move. Now, hackers, your move? It appears this is a game of staying ahead of the hackers

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I might agree about it being a based Blockchain, but what else does it have going for it? Does it have a novel feature? A usp? Data storage system based on the Blockchain? Independent node validation, aka proof of honesty?

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Had dream PGNY ripped up another 20% tomorrow. This is not financial advice.

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Been buying since April so I'm only up like 10%.

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+16% after hours. And for the record I have mentioned it several times before but It's difficult to be heard over all the Siggers.

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I'm gonna win the lottery this time

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>When I joined software this type of bullshit used to happen everyday by the HR especially by one HR roastie.
>Come and join the zumba , come and do the cultural dance for the CEO faggot etc etc
>always was a grumpy fuck , never wanted to join those faggotry and flap my arms like a Chicken.
>Few years pass by and got promoted to a Project Manager in the same Company.
>HR invited us to do a huge inclusion fest and dance for the Immigrants.
>Storm to the Delivery Manager and said that either he can pay us for work or pay us for dancing but we sure ain't the company's Geisha that works and also dances.
>Event got cancelled because seeing me a lot of the other managers complained saying the HR dept was reducing the companies productivity
>HR roastie got fired after one month.

Feels good. All HR whores should be killed and beheaded.

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You're a loser. They're not worth anything now because they don't serve any purpose or utility apart from being just JPEGs, unlike SmartLOX which can be used as an NFT to provide global security to mobile devices. Do some research, pajeet

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tell me the next 2x in a week's time available on Uniswap or soon to be available.
going to assume 90% of replies are paid telegram shills

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No you aren't. Everyone else in the 100 is also going up with you

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Friend of a rugpuller here

These NFTs are how they're cashing out lol. Rugpullers have made hundreds of millions the past year. To cash that out they've set up these corporations that sell 'digital art' via crypto. The buyers are anonymous ofcourse, such is the way crypto works. Its literally the same way auction houses in real life launder money.

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4channel has nothing to do with hbar pump. the only reason it is on this board now is because it HAS pumped. Hedera does 0 advertising to retail, we are riding a commercial buy in. when this moons it will literally make you reich from $500.

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Finally dumped my AEZS bags at a 40% loss
If I ever find you, AEZS shill, I will slit your throat

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Go for it, OP, I feel like you had more to say anyway.

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this is going to explode soon. it's been 13 days and you're all complaining you can't pump and dump this coin. why the fuck would their investors allow you to pump this past to 10x 3 days after launch? are you lot really that fucking dumb? really? it is so incredibly fucking obvious this is being held down to increase their holders first but you fucking retards can't see that. I am so done. literally you are getting in early on a project that actually will 100x and you can't see it. please see when you break even PLEASE.

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I'll start: 250k

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