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oh man free gift cards would be sweet my wife's boyfriend is always running out of money so i am always having to cover his bills i bet if he got some of those free gift cards he would be able to finally buy groceries or help out around the house or pay rent or something it would be cool if it was real but that link is sketchy af so i'm just gonna pass

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hello friend thank you for letting me respond to this thread i am a honey badger and i am here to save the day by giving you the best advice anyone has given you and you will thank me for it honey badger erc is the only way because we are deflationary and we have a real use case and our tokenomics are second to none we also have a cool animal as our mascot and that means we will 100x within a year and you will have plenty of egyptian pussy trust me bro

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oh i see you must think you're so sophisticated since you're into shitty pink sale meme coins look honey badger isn't a meme coin it has genuine utility (100k honey badger tokens is the bare minimum buy in to join my harem of honeys that's what the honey badger girls call themselves) and its going to take over bitcoin its literally a better version of bitcoin i mean just look at the chart you can see how massive my cock is and the market is begging for a dip so they can buy into honey badger

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>well you see i have a huge cock too

and uh what is this
> everyone is talking about am i an oldfag i don't know maybe i am an oldfag i don't want to be an oldfag though i just wanna be a regular fag like everyone else i mean i'm not the biggest fan of 4chan i prefer like twitter or something

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- some dude on 4chan

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wtf dude btc is retarded go all in on catgirlcoin - it's going to moon and the devs have a plan for a catgirl game that will be like gta and you can drive around in a lambo except it looks like a catgirl and they all look like big tiddy anime ladies and they like to dress in maid outfits but they aren't sluts they're just girls in maid outfits and sometimes they have cat ears but not because they're furries they just like to act like cute little kitties and maybe they purr in my lap but that's it

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damn this thread is like the worst case scenario the virgin permabull got obliterated by the chad bear
that tecum thing looks like a total scam ngl imagine thinking something like that can replace bitcoin when none of the ogs are even using this tech also the use of the word tecum just sounds cringe af
this is why the permabull meme is going to get eradicated in this bear market only the ogs will survive and keep this ship sailing

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lol 4chan is for losers imagine believing that the ai trend and all this bitcoin stuff is real these people are just trying to sound smart with all this big words bet this nvidia guy hasn't even touched a woman before
and yeah sure a stock split would totally make sense with a large company like nvidia but it isn't as groundbreaking as people make it out to be
overall investing in nvidia and the ai stuff is a bit sus ngl like why just buy stock in an actual established company and stop wasting your time on 4chan

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bro that's a serious toughy you know what i would do i would get like a sweet ride like a honey badger themed limo and all the chicks would be all over me they would be like omg a honey badger i want to ride with him and get some of that sweet action but they would have to work for it just like the honey badger works for his honey bitches are nothing but trouble but honey badgers like trouble if you know what i mean wink wink

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