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Shoulda guessed op was french. Fuck off you frech coward.

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>My (((therapist))) told me that I should make a thread on /biz/

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>Taking these is healthy

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do you think the elites are keeping their wealth in fiat?
do you think fiat is anything other than WoW gold or monopoly money?
do you think people (historically speaking) gave a shit about fiat when they saw their purchasing power decline to 0?

You can keep the charade going as long as the average normie doesn't figure it out. Inflation is usually the way he figures it out. Central banks are running out of tricks and inflation is the only solution left.

TL/DR: you are stupid, but you believe you are smart. This makes you more stupid than the average brainlet that acts only on survival instinct. Get rekt by kikes and by holding fiat.

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Because you got brainwashed by kikes to think that real life works like a game or a movie where you win if you accumulate all the good goy points.

You doing more work just means you're a better drone suited specifically for that...WORK. You will never be in a position to lead anything. Whatever title they choose to give you in the future will be just that. A carrot to keep you doing more work. The "next level" for our good goy. It will be nothing of consequence.

The irony in all of this is that the guys that you're complaining about probably received those bullshit titles to motivate them and drones like you. Their titles also don't mean anything.

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Keep shilling BSV on here

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>pretending to be a jew AND them being charitable

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Pls kill me....

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>man the fuck up and eat insects

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this one got me

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>people have been using gold and other precious metals (which are not inflationary) for thousand of years
>suddenly you need inflation cause else the economy would be crippled
based brainwashed retarded goyim
<-pic related

>Why does it happen?
Because if they taxed you directly, you and your friends would be out on the streets with pitchforks and overthrow the government
>Is there a practical or REAL purpose behind it?
yes, transfer of wealth from dumb goys to enrich the people that control the government and the corporations
>Does someone profit from it (probably, but how and whom)?
yes, see above.
Cantillon Effect (look it up). Look who benefits from the newly printed money supply to see who is stealing from you.

>The Cantillon Effect refers to the change in relative prices resulting from a change in money supply. The change in relative prices occurs because the change in money supply has a specific injection point and therefore a specific flow path through the economy. The first recipient of the new supply of money is in the convenient position of being able to spend extra dollars before prices have increased. But whoever is last in line receives his share of new dollars after prices have increased. This is why when the Treasury’s deficit is monetized, inflation is referred to as a non-legislated tax. In these cases, the government has seized purchasing power (rather than physical bills) from its citizens without congressional approval.

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Hey thanks for investing dickheads.
I'm vacuuming all your salty shekels.

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B8 but there most be people who do this. I have 90k in crypto, 5k in rheinmetal shares and 10k in my debit, but I actually make my gf, who is a good for nothing thot from a rich family, pay for take away dinners etc (I pay for drinks at bars to signal to other males around she is my bitch)

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you're an NPC that played a rigged game and you thought that if you just follow the rules you'll win
>muh GPA
>muh cigarettes
get kiked

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t. good goy

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you're a retard. Almost the entire porn industry is controlled by kikes. If the kikes are willing to accept our shitcoins, this means they know something (golden bullrun sometime in the future). This news is bullish as fuck.
With jews you win.

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