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Fundamentally, Chainlink is a redditcoin. Stop denying who you are, it’s not good for you. You must have discovered crypto last year. Let me give you a quick lesson, a bit of advice. Nobody other than Rebbit cucks hold centralized coins. This board was literally created by thousands of Bitcoin threads on /g/. Bitcoin, Proof of Work made this board. Investing in centralized funding tokens with supplies over a billion like XRP and LINK is not a good idea. You can ride a pump here and there, but holding long term is a sigh of mental retardation.

That’s besides the fact ChainTwink as a system literally doesn’t exist. There are no decentralized oracles and Sergey is a known scammer. Pic related is Chainlink’s ambassador, apparently. Does he look like he belongs here, or a craft beer bar in a homosexual alley in a metropolitan soity?

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