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Based, fuck all the degenerates.

REMINDER to never:

REMINDER to always:
>buy LINK at SPOT and store it in a cold wallet

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This is all unironically bullish for link

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this massive, year long falling wedge scares the link fudders. they thought they could gaslight us into selling with horrible price action and relentless fud, but instead we just accumulated. shoutout to fudders and suppressors, looking forward to buying your gay fakeout below the wedge kek

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Phew I have 235, guess I'm gonna make it after all

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He'll yeah

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$100 EOM

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Any oldfags following he recent developments? Remember one of the big companies that Chainlink had a connection to? I did my weekly research into the state of things and it looks like they are ready to integrate. What do you guys think?

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Guess what you homo niggers
Thats right
>didn‘t sell at $.35
>didn‘t sell at $3.50
>didn‘t sell at $35
You are here
>not selling at $350
>not selling at $3500


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It's 32x now! Getting closer and closer each day... It was 2000x when I first bought in, man can't believe we made it this far

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$1,488 USD

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Here's to all the OG's. The prophecies are coming true brethren:

>They are going to say there is no way we knew how big it would be. Unfortunately, many are going to sell at $10, $50, $100. To those that don't, the world is yours.

>We saw the potential. We dealt with the fud. We deserve what is coming. There is no crypto project that comes close. We are in this together and together we will make it.

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lol I would send you 69 stinkies a few years ago because i feel bad for you but now it's worth 1600
how does .5 linky sound?.

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don't fall for PnD shitcoins unless you want to lose all your money
buy REEF and come back in a year or two
t. 2017 linker OG

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go back to where you came from
I'm never selling

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>dude this coin is the new LINK I promise
unlike the indian (rubics) scam coins we see shilled here constantly who are called "the new LINK", LINK was never shilled. The growth of it's popularity was purely organic, for all of you who frequented /biz/ late 2017-2019 you would know this.

Sure there were many, many threads made everyday but not in order to shill but to discuss breadcrumbs and new information. The FUD was elaborate and had its own flavor like shadow fork, Jason Parser, Big Mac addiction, Mobius and Rory. The memes and infographic charts were beyond anything we had seen too, and the Gets were unbelievable. I've been frequenting this board for the past 6 months after being away for 2 years, and NOTHING has caught my attention like LINK did back in late 2017. There is no other coin currently circulating /biz/ with the same cult following as LINK had. Is it simply a matter of being at the right place at the right time, and /biz/ back then was just that? In the last decade we saw three coins that outshined the rest: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Chainlink. I really hope we see three new ones this decade and that /biz/ will be the place to discover them

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heh, welcome to the real world, kid
nothing personnel

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>while all eyes are on some boomer stock on WSB, /biz/ is slowly but steadily seazing the control over 4th industrial revolution
Our time will come bros, it's been foretold.

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>he buys stocks instead of chad crypto 100x

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chainlink will forever be the /biz/ token

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When will they learn?

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>feels good sitting on the sideline watching redditors and normies getting KIKED(.com) while simultaneously knowing that smart money already cashed out at the top and will reinvest it all in LINK, pumping my bags to the stratosphere

>inb4 redditors will be able to buy a bigger stack than yours
1. Even if that's true, I will have payed 23 times less than they did for each LINK
2. They weren't around during the meme magick phase of LINK, thus they only see it as a way of earning a quick buck were only we know the true potential behind this revolutionizing project

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BTC: 3ANnoKANBbKPRA9oyLpyDSpSkdSkbqxk9Z


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