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>Born in a rich family
>Dad gives you millions to start a business
>Bankrupt a few times, don't give a fuck, make more money
>Live the good life, build luxury buildings with your namesake, scam idiots with fake universities, collect trophy wifes, bang pornstars, don't give a fuck about anything
>Run for president because why not
>Get meme'd into the presidency
>Worst year of your life
>Impeached not even 2 years into it
>Humiliated in the worst possible ways
>Your brand ruined
>Half of your family in jail
>People who were around you all your life end up in jail, even your most trusted lawyer
>Trophy wife fills for divorce and takes half of your assets
>The remainder gets seized because the investigation revealed dirty things about your business
>Die of a heart attack from the stress

Is this the ultimate JUST /biz/?

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