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Do you think, people should be allowed to breedif they can't provide for their kids minimum till University/college?

Do you think there should be agreement term, between parents or kids, if kid wants to be born or not?

If you've given the chance before you came in earth wether you wanna come to your parents, would you still pick yes?

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that FUD will turn into FOMO or sadness and anger as the days go on

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>Goes from $3 to $22 last week
>Why is it not moving

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>I was completely wrong about my play, so I'm just going to cope post about why it shouldn't have happened

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How dumb am I for buying EXPR and NOK at the top today?

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When there's a dip people always tell you to add more, but when there's a new top they don't tell you to sell some. So I've been buying more and holding like a sucker through highs until it gets low again.

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ngmi, sorry bro

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gib all ur chocolats, nao

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the gettest of gets

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hello my frens


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was thinking about how comfy summer 2017 /biz/ was earlier today
fuck boys, I wish we could go back
will it ever be that good again?

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Graduated a week ago with a MechE degree. Been searching for a job for the past 3 months with no luck. Almost every job posting says they want someone with experience. Do I still apply to those?
Did I get memed on, biz? What do :(

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Is a ledger better than just using MEW? I feel like it creates another point of failure (if ledger exit scams) so would it be better just to use mew by itself?

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I'm a massive retard who is about to fail university. How do I into crypto?

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ur mum is pumping

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0x4583B160898C0441D8439252C3fcd4d4546c3261 give grog rock

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All these frens helping fellow newfag autist ADD anon
>feels good man

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Can we take the time to talk about how surreal this all actually is

If you told me when i was a child that i would grow up to be a chronic masturbating NEET who puts all his hopes and dreams on virtual internet money i would have cried my eyes out. Yet here i am

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Remember when this board used to not shill scamcoins
Where are my bitcoin maximalists at?

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Pry these buttcoins from my cold dead hands. I dare you.

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