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Link suffered from the dunning Kruger effect

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what LINK bottom signals did you pick up during this bear market?

for me it was pic related
its the crystallization of normie/fudder train of thought.

low price == bad
high price == good

the same people that buy the top (as they always do) and sell the bottom. cannon fodder for us low time-preference chads. so long as these """people""" exist, we will get richer and richer, every cycle.

what are your bottom signals, bros?
>Verification not required

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>fuddies thought pic related would shame us
I still come back to this fud meme every now and again. Its almost magical how, upon reading/creating this meme, the fudders thought process was:
>see, everything else has pumped more than chainlink, therefore chainlink sucks
whilst anyone else with two braincells to rub togehter would look at it and go
>you're telling me that the most essential and needed crypto asset of all time HASN'T pumped yet? of course it fucking is the perfect investment!!


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>Thats right chud you shouldn't buy the most undervalued and promising crypto project of all time. See this attempt at a meme? Its YOU

Its kind of eerie how fudders believed this was some sort of mockery, when in reality it was a poignant display of Linkies defiant and correct analysis of the clown market.

Where are you fuddies? kek WE WON

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How does it feel to underperform?

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Just check the all time performance and then proceed to cope, seethe and dilate linktroons

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Token not needed. Underperforming midwit coin.

>August 12, 2020:
>LINK: $17.25
>ETH: $390
>BTC: $11,800
>BNB: $21.77
>DOGE: $0.003
>ADA: $0.14
>SOL: $3.77
>MATIC: $0.02
>TRX: $0.02

>August 12, 2023:
>LINK: $7.44
>ETH: $1,848
>BTC: $29,415
>BNB: $240.15
>DOGE: $0.07
>ADA: $0.29
>SOL: $24.86
>MATIC: $0.68
>TRX: $0.07

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Kek baggies

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>It's still one of the best performing coins of all times. At least it's holding up against the USD.
Its not.

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Cope numbers dont lie

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Kek baggies.

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Because it dumped the most and pumped the least while being shilled the hardest

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It wont lmao. The supply will inflate by 14% per year while linkfags have their tiny cocks locked into 5% staking for a wonderful -9% per year.
Hundreds of millions of useless unneeded tokens is exactly why the price is dogshit and the based CL team just threw more fuel on the fire that is the link chart

Link was the same price as it is now when btc was 16k. Its dumped 50% against bitcoin in the middle of a bear market. Notice how link baggies arent even coping with their saying "bear market coin" because even they know how stupid that sounds at this point. The only true link slogan is
>pumps the least dumps the most

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They got psyopped and fell for hopium memes.
>if you buy this magical meme token it will go to $1000 and then you'll be rich and all your problems will be solved!!
Ita quite the alluring emotional hook for midwits. Its a shame it was all smoke and mirrors and it was actually one of the worst performers in the top 100. Kek

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Every coin basically outperformed link.
Even If you bought fucking doge in 2017 you would have 10x more gains, that should t ell you everything you need to know

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Links tokenomics are flawed.
There will be no positive value capture for another 10 years minimum. Your link bags will bleed hard against btc. Theres a lot of link shilling here because theyre all desperate bagholders

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I bought at .20 and I am still disappointed. I bought some QNT at $3 and it completely eclipsed my shitlink Kek.
Anyone can confirm for themselves that chainlink was objectively one of the worst performers out of the top 50. No cope will get around this fact
20x in 7 years is clown tier in crypto
And I know for a fact a bunch of your OG larpers average price is way above the .10 ico giga bottom price you larp with.
Ive gotten several 20x with meme coins in way less time then your 7 year copebags

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Its over

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>6 years for a 20x
>in crypto

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Chainlink will be ran off /biz/, the process has already started.
You see even the jannies have been burned by you link shills. The old jannies bought ETH when it was shilled, when the other jannies and a large percent of the board bought LINK, they got financially rekt. link single handedly ruined /biz/ and showed that it lost its touch.

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Its shilled the most despite absolutely underperforming every other coin.
During the entire bullrun link only went from $20 to $50 while every top coin 10-100xd

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Kek baggies

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