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I agree.. except for.. how do you respond to pic related?

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Always enjoy these bread crumbs, thanks anon.

There's one thing I'm not so clear on about CBDCs. Do they just assume that people will have faith in these fiat cryptos? Or will there be some mechanism to get people to trust it?
Analog fiat currencies were originally PM backed. Is it totally far fetched to think CBDCs will end up being "digital gold" based?

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consider the following
also those twitter puns are meat to enlighten you
as it will be twitter that will dump on you until it is 5k

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It is. Blockstream is undermining Bitcoin adoption. And they're very effective at what they're doing. They crippled BTC to 1MB blocks, which makes it unusable. The main goal is probably to gain more time for FED to make FEDcoin. The official narrative is, that Blockstream wants to earn revenue from 2nd layer solutions. But it's pointless, because if everyone moves to 2nd layer, than miners will not get revenue from fees, and in future they also won't get it from mining blocks. That way 1st layer will collapse. End in end Blockstream wants to destroy Bitcoin >>23604891 pic related

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* Based on whitepaper
* Secure transfer
* Fast transfer and low fees
* Peer to peer cash system
* Hostile takeover by banksters with help from CIA
* Segwit unsecure shit
* Lightning unsecure shit
* High fees
* Clogged network
* "Store of value" retard meme
* Cash stream blocked
* Control wrong naratives and mems on all social media channels with CIA expertise

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Only retards invest in fake bitcoin

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Interessting, how much time and energy they all invest to discredit BSV and CSW.

The truth is, that BTC was taken over by CIA, so they could cripple it, control it and use it for money laundering.

CSW on the other side, is also not alone. Maybe there is NSA involved behind him and they are working towards a global, transparent, non anonymous payment system. Hint: New gold backed dollar tokenized on BSV.
Therefore: Long BSV.

Picture related btw.

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>(((blockstream))) always implies you’re a street shitter, it’s all they have

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its true and all out on public record.
they tried to pull the same shit with BCH and are talking about decreasing the blocksize again. CSW is absolutely based and the only one in this space who gives a shit about the bigger picture. of course mouth breathing plebs cant do any research and dont see whats going on. I cant wait to see them all get rekt. the 130% pump when CSW got his copyrights is just a small taste of whats to come.
>inflationary asset run by literal communists
yeah, Ill stick to the OG Bitcoin

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>muh groundbreaking technology
>muh paradigm shift
>muh social conditioning
lmao you are not only deluded but also ill-informed. tthe BTC dream tanked years ago you clueless cunt

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