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I am so thankful I got fully linkpilled in 2018 during the bear market and when the signal-to-noise ratio was optimal. Constant 300+ replies threads exploring potential use cases and daily breadcrumbs research, it was biz at its peak and in these unique conditions, so many forged crazy dreams and iron convictions.

Today it's impossible for a newfag to get immersed in this deep level of conversation, and therefore to grasp the full reach of its potential. It so easily gets overlooked, ignored, disregarded, because so much of the noise in the space is meaningless, og's (enjoying their success or simply waiting patiently) have internalized their insights and ceased discussing as much, therefore exposure to spoonfeeding is minimal.

In 2018, partaking in link threads was a genuinely surreal experience. A small autistic community had uncovered the opportunity of a lifetime, it wasn't just a "what if" possibility, but surrounded with absolute certitude, this was "the one". The most surreal aspect that if you did the research and understanding, you knew it was as real as it could get, but literally no one was talking about it anywhere else.

4 years later and all the og's just remain confident for the long term. All these countless hours digging into the oracle problem, smart contract use cases, understanding the implications of chain agnosticism, middleware adoption, tokenomics, etc. But for a casual observer, all they see is the weak short term price action, and it doesn't incentivize them to research further. "Oh, it's just another token like all the others, what's so different about this?". "Oracles and agnosticism? Sounds like techno babble, I don't get it, what does it do that Cardano can't do?".

With staking and CCIP on the horizon, everything will change. Everything. The switch will be flipped, big time. No one will be able to keep ignoring it. Either start research right now, or you'll be late. It's inevitable.

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Sex addict anon, at what age did you start your sex journey?
You ever do public approaches?I find that if I get a good signal like eye contact ir so it's easy af to bag women.
>stare her down
>if she responds positively
>chit chat
>bring her somewhere secluded
>make out
>go fuck at my/her place or make future plans

ez, though I do get told to fuck off occasionally but hey, who gives a shit

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Never sell all your Chainlink. It's just about the worst thing you can do.

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>linkhodling ist suffering
Come enjoy the pain!

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Check Adelyn Zhou's twitter, this is huge, she just confirmed the marketing has officially started and just shared the first official ads which will be running on TV to promote CHAINLINK!!

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get stinky on the moon

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Why can’t women look more like this?

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Already bought yesterday and it's already up. What dip? I have LINK.

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oh noes. it dropped 2%

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give me your cum tiger

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Lambo singularity moon mission $1000 EOY

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>she will never beat you, while Sergey screams in German with this song playing in the background

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What's most interesting is the utter desperation to try and lower the link price on here. Its like some sort of gay brothel. You should have bought link at .20 cent if you wanted it. selling link is as stupid as selling ethereum to swing trade it when it was 2 dollars, its fucking retarded. Yet here you are. Never sell, that simple.

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I sold about 8 hours ago.

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Bunch of 4channers tried to force it as /ourcoin/, during the presale ico phase of chainlink there was a minimum requirement of 300eth to enter the presale. Bunch of anons pooled up together and shared presale links to fill them with their eth.

Coin continued to get shilled and pumped up and hyped for the sibios event that link was attended, whole event turned out to be a flop chainlink had a presentation in a room of like 18 people next to the public toilets, literally no news or partnership came from the event and the coin dumped back to below ico prices and created 1000's of bagholder anons.

Now during this alt bull run lots of anons and took advantage of this and shilling this coin to all the new money and newfags that joined in december and don't know this story.

The coin is HEAVILY manipulated and the supply is dried up from huge whales who accumulated below ICO price to create a artificially lower supply (a lot like REQ) and these people have so much room to dump on all of you faggots to still be in profit when the time comes.

In regards to actual project that chainlink aiming to achieve it's nothing more than a basic json parser for smart contracts, would take like a day to add to ethereum by itself.. literally making links whole concept pointless and definitely no need for a token. Would take a lot longer to get it working with bitcoin but the bitcoin core devs would be able to work out the solution a lot quicker than chainlink will, think that's something worth noting that literally nothing is completed and you're literally just buying a whitepaper, they have only 2 developers and they don't communicate at all with no proven background on either, in fact sergey was involved in a project before chainlink called NxT that he since been abandoned until it was took over by a new developer team

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>whats the catch ?
It's 30 cents.

Why not 100?

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You have just been visited by the tiger mom of great gains and singularities, type “Thank you tiger mom <3 “ and chainlink will be 77 cents end of week

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fud is ded babe fud is ded

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>The amount of people willing to buy LINK by end of year will be, for lack of a better term, fucking enormous

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