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>cant cuddle with my tokenized AI waifu
what's even the point anymore please kill me

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Because it is a 30c stable coin fren, dont deny realitiy...

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Ok I made enough money in 2017 to buy a house. I live in one room and rented the other two. Kitchen and bath and stuff are shared. I thought I will be smart and rented the two other rooms to two hot girls. I thought it would be awesome, like my personal harem.
But its not. The house is a mess. Especially the bathroom and kitchen. The girls are never here. When they are here they are loud with friends. I'm not invited and too awkward to join. Sometimes they have sex with a guy and that makes me sad. But most of the time they are not here. Then I'm all alone and clean up the house

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we are waiting for the damn gas fees to drop. Then APU will become a no-brainer. It has time to become something like Doge (I think over 2000x more value) which I am holding as well.

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theres no point to all of this. what am i doing

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should have bought more though, just read the wp...

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I hate being high how do people enjoy this

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Admitted newfag out of his depth but I really like Rubic, I'm just wondering what the end goal/eoy goal is?
Rubic exchange seems underwhelming at best but I'm willing to chalk that up to growing pains.

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No :(

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>only have 500k

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Can you please add a category for 2 figures

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Holding tightly onto my 1.5 ID stack

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I was early in 2011 when I bought BTC but sold early. I was early for ETH but didn't buy because crypto was a meme after Mt.Gox hack. I was early for LINK but didn't buy because I didn't believe in it. I bought some coins last summer, sold last December for a loss, now it is 15x. Can't make it. No toilet for village, forever a wagie.

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literally happen to me
>hey, you have to most beautiful smile I have ever seen want to go out some time?
>uhm maybe
>thats not a no mind if i give you my number
>uhm ok hihi
>texts me a day later "hey anon lets go out"
>we go out
>I sperg like the autist i am
>never go to that store again
>cry myself to sleep

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I sold cause I only had 500 link bros. I won’t make it this run. I’m sorry

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Some anons mentioned something about a dump causing a dip on the 15th of each month, anyone got details on this? I wanna buy more, should I catch a dip soon or wait until monday?

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1979. am I gonna make it bros?

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>tfw made it
>still have to think about her
what is even the point of making it frens

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>Price goes down
>Feel like I'm losing money. Sad.
>Price goes up
>Feel like I'm missing out and need to buy more. Afraid.
>Price crabs
>See everything else mooning. Despair.

Who else here really NGMI?

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How do i buy uniswap's shitcoins?

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