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This isn’t a pump. Sentinel whale group says they are happy to accumulate up to 40 sats. Think it will go to 100 sats this time. Still buying. Still ridiculously undervalued. Wish there was more sell side for us to eat into.

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Let’s not beat around the bush and get caught up on copyright bs with an anon project

Sentinel literally has the power to end censorship worldwide. Nodes from centralised VPN providers get blacklisted in China or Russia or UAE, with sentinel new ones pop up as anyone can host a new node any time. There is no way for authorities to keep on top. It’s literally going to change the course of human history.

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When phone were created and internet created, it also facilitated crime. Some people use USD or BTC for illegal things, so should we ban USD or BTC because of this? No. There are always criminals doing illegal things and they will also take advantage of the technology, nothing will change this.

Following your reasoning no technology progress should had been made so that criminals dont benefit from the new tech so we should be living in caves still? LOL

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