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Question marks and vaginas

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Horse is fine. Predicting long term

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I’m not an options man. I just buy shares and sell them. It’s good info either way.

Thanks fren

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/biz/ is not a super populated site. /pol/ is much larger and actually has some influence on the rest of the internet - especially political memes etc.

I realize you are probably kidding, but I don’t think /biz/ is large enough to be that important.

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those men must be very cold

very interesting, thanks anon
I have interest in the subject but not as an investment. I would only be interested in that if there were massive government subsidies specifically for that technology (not renewable energy in general).

I've been waiting for the clangs all day!
That cartoon looks cute and wholesome except for the feet part... but anime pantyhose is seriously great.

Still wondering if you have a take on the NXPI chart...

>I could go on about vehicle to grid technology and how it can make virtual power plants without added energy storage but I'm not going to
good because I was talking about solar energy...

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I expect Goldmans' conference to cause Bitcoin to dump for no reason, so expect tears tomorrow.

indeed, I remember discussing this!
But didn't you also short the Turks?

Also... not sure if shorting the brazillian stock exchange is wise given how much it might pump because currency.

Please good sir, do the cunnyful

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