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>be me
>binged on fast food on Saturday
>was feeling disgusting so I bought some chocolate and ice cream and skittles and ate some of it
>wasted rest of time online
>slept, woke up on Sunday morning
>watched comfy Japan related Youtube video in bed
>drank coffee while wasting time online
>exercised a little bit
>did chores for a few hours
>had nothing to do at 4 pm; saw a few incel blackpill posts and realised how bad my life is because I'm ugly; browsed internet for 3 hours while feeling sad
>will now binge on junk food for the last time

My life is kind of a pointless void right now outside of work. I've barely read any books this year and have done nothing productive in my free time.

I sometimes cringe at my job. It's a job replicated at many companies but I know so little compared to people with technical skills. I sometimes look at the cleaners and realise they could do my job probably better than me, as they'd fit in more easily with normies.

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I'm not convinced by these lines, I will continue to hodl LINK and my RFOX as long as it takes for me to make it. Tell biz that I'm not selling cheap.

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That's right annon. I have staked my LOX and a whole bunch of my alts on Bitrue. It's either I make it in the next five years or I end up in my family basement.

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WAGMI fren

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Haha, r-right biz bro.

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I unironically think a lot of bobos are about to get financially, physically, and psychologically ruined

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You have more than most anons here, everyone need to start somewhere, you will make it fren

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I'm leaving biz to come back in the next five years. I have my ETH, RFOX and MATIC staked to check back when I return. I'm heading to McDonald to apply for a job.

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I'm currently not buying anything new at the moment. I wish I offloaded some alts when I had the chance. Now I'm looking forward to developing my skills on Subsquid. The web3 project is empowering developers and I hope to benefit from it.

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It's not red, it's brown. The outcome remains unknown.

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If we can make money on Futures, why can't we make money on the Pasts?

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not to mention their fucking terrible foreign policies

>> retard 1 falls for ((2 more weeks)) Afghanistan meme, rips up the Iran nuclear deal, and allows his retarded stepson to embezzle billions from the Saudis

>>retard 2 sends billions in resources away because muh Cold War while inflation wrecks the dollar, pokes the Russian and Chinese nuclear bears knowing he'll be dead soon anyways, and allows his retarded son to embezzle millions from the Ukranians

and best of all we are all but guaranteed to get one of these two senile, corrupt, narcissistic brainlets next election. we're so totally fucked

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Not sure of 100x in this market condition but I anticipate a solid parabolic move on HXD when it finally gets launched. It's the first Play to Own token that's set to launch on Solana blockchain. Trannies will FOMO at the top.

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It is also important to know when to jump ship. I did the same on LUNA and got rekt. DCA to an extent and buy new gems that have good long-term potential. I bought REEF, GRT, and LOX and they are solid af.

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Post your holdings
I'm pic related and hold BTC, JASMY and yesterday i bought OP
Still have some BUSD to slurp BTC later on and some JASMY in case it would drop

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i become selfmade millionare and i share toughts about projects to help my frens make it, but jannies ban me everytime, fuck them

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Can someone explain Atomic Swaps for an XMR newfag? I've been in the crypto game for ages but I fell for the meme of "monero is just for paedos" early on. I am ready to repent.

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What are you gonna buy with your GMEbucks when we make it fren? I'm hoping to pay off my car and put the rest back for a house down payment.

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>/biz/ is utterly irredeemable to redditors
I consider this a win

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whats their story

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That team tho....look at em.....would you give your money to them in minecraft? I highly suspect you would not.

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im fine with the commie future

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Of you change 2020/2021 to 2016/2017 this timeline would still be 100% accurate
You could also change it to 2024/2025 and it would still hold true

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