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In 2 years you'll have to take out a mortgage to afford a whole Bitcoin

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Doesn't seem like a bad strategy at all if your picking low cap altcoins. I wish i had bunch aped into a bunch of differnt ICOs back in 2017 since all i needed were a few 100x's to make it. I had 100% allocation in one altcoin and rode it down -99% and now that altcoin is completely dead. Diversifying into a few others would've saved me

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It’s also the comfiest hold; you don’t need to do any research or think about competitors, or wonder if your coin isn’t going to join the graveyard of 2017 shitcoins.
Every paycheck, you buy BTC.

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where are you

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At least you realized your mistake while you're STILL EARLY...DCA every paycheck you get. Keep stacking sats while they're cheap. Ignore temporary volatility. Go all in with your Bidenbux. HODL for 10 years minimum. Once you become /fullcoiner/, then you can consider dabbling in shitcoins. Thank me later...

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The nocoiner will lie

The nocoiner will cheat

The nocoiner will use words he doesn't really understand

If he gets desperate enough, he will start to shill or kvetch

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I put almost my entire paycheque in last Wednesday.

I’m still up on that purchase, the only people that got rekt were people who bought in the last few days.

99.9% of hodlers are still in profit. This dump, like all dumps doesn’t mean shit. It’s still going to the moon.

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Algo for cheapies. Btc in general.

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Algo good: some moon potential, good design, somewhat better than efferium, no effort staking, team has good communication with hodlers.
Algo bad: APY will be 0 when all coins are released, whales dump their bags on you every so often. Not going to make you rich overnight 8% apy is good if you have 100k tokens today. less so if you have 500. Price follows btc.

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Everyone is waiting for the FOMO. It’s not going to be like 2016. The big boys have come to play. They don’t FOMO. They dominate. The positions they take will be colonial. They have long time horizons and they are not buying bitcoin with paychecks. This bullrun will cause suicides. When dumbass traders realize what they had in their hands that they sold for a measly 2-3x. Working class wholecoins will start to be few and far between. Because buying a whole coin will require you to sell your house. This next 4 years is not just “the next cycle” it’s the next phase. Where governments will have to respond. Where criminals are going to step up their game. Where publicly declaring that you have a whole bitcoin could be dangerous to you and you’re family. This bull run is not going to be a retail FOMO extravaganza. This bull run is the beginning of the fall of fiat. This bull run will cement Satoshi’s white paper as one of the most important documents in human history

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best place to get a loan against btc ?

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Grats on figuring it out

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Every coin that isnt a bitcoin is a scam to stop you from buying bitcoin.

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When you realize shitcoins were literally just shit and you should have ignored them and bought bitcoin all along.

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Depends, are you retarded or enlightened?

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Based maxichad, nocoiners stay mad 200k eoy

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Being a maxi is maximum comfy

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>from rbc to donut to boa to reef to milk and so on.
>me buy short term scams. why me still poor :(

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Gonna make it

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How long did it take for you to realize?

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this is the original, and still the best

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