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Hello, frens...

Since you schizos are my best bet, I wanted to ask you this.

>Where can I earn money/crypto by writing as a freelancer?

The modafinil has been working too well lately, so I might as well take advantage of the effects and make some buck.
Thanks in advance, anons. Jesus Christ is King.

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bros BROS should I sell like 8000 xrp to get 5000$ and buy bsv on RBH ?
I know I know but I'm in NYC
I'm looking to get 21 BSV at 250 a piece
I think I have a few hours at best

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If you ever get stimulants prescribed to you, please ask your psychiatrist about any concern you might have, anons.

My mind is going berserk and my intellect is struggling while it tries to focus the thoughts and information flooding in.

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'Kay, modafinil is really kicking in now.
Muscles are kinda stiff. Really easy to focus. 100% alert.
No wonder the USAF began using this instead of dextroamphetamine.
Heartrate going up faster than BTC in Dec 2017.

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>retards bragging on anonymous image boards

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