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the US dollarydoo?

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is this the week?

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ah that changes things then thx fren
although I just saw that NFP is going to be march 10th as well so, it'll be interesting either way

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finally. been waiting for that for months

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Comfy pic

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you're gonna make it anon, just don't sell on the next dump and you're golden

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I got out of PETR almost at the peak kek knew it'd go to shit. If 2016 repeats I'm buying it again

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I have a bunch

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oh I wish, but it'll only happen today if some important bearish news gets out

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>go to local community college
>live with parents
>transfer to local state school
>still live with parents
>parents have GI bill so don't have to pay for tuition
>graduate with CS degree
>get WFH job
>still live with parents
>no debt, no rent
>instacart/amazon fresh for groceries
>ubereats for takeout
>filter water from sink
>maids clean house every month
>home gym
>backyard pool
>childhood friends still live in hometown
>invest salary into crypto
>don't plan on having kids
>never leave the house again

It's that easy man.

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well his screenshots show his trades at like 10x, 20x, even 30x leverage, he claims to be a portfolio manager at blackrock so that kind of trade makes sense. And they aren't even predictions but simply insider information, so there's that limit of what he can share. Results-wise, it's been good to follow his tweets, contrary to the crazy riddlers.

Anyway, we like XRP, most of us believe XRP will moon, he says that it'll get to $27 then $100 then $1000+ so it's all good I guess kek

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/pmg/ reporting in

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