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Genuinely what is the point of stocks? They say it's to raise capital but how cuckish is that? Imagine you are holding stock in a company and actually you're just waiting for them to inflate more shares onto you to raise more capital. Is that good utility?

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Open questions for any anons to answer:
What are the odds posts like this aren't astroturfed? As in, why is it that ctrl+f "chainlink" 0 results only applies to bullish news, but vague abstract comments from DTCC such as DLT being too immature a technology for widespread short-term adoption, or separate developments that don't suggest anything impeding ongoing collaboration with CL in any way, are such light-blaring causes to sell?

I just checked the catalog archive and searched "link" and literally dozens of threads are in there, all negative, all singing from the same songbook. All this negativity in the ranks after months of green and a 3x in LINK dominance. Now here we have a meta thread to discuss the other threads. The others weren't enough of course, let's make sure we have something up front in the catalog at all times, so let's have both the threads themselves then other ones to discuss them again. How, after all this time and by their own argument the irredeemable onslaught of terrible death knells for Chainlink, are there still leagues of dejected "OGs" who have not sold, stalking biz, ever-ready to remind us all that our investment - their investment - has underperformed since late 2020 and otherwise as fastened as ever to their commitment to posting fud from wall to wall?

Just some fun questions.

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jesus christ

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>Syphilis Goldstein
Shiek bros..

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It's like my teenage birthday party dreams but in adult life. Horrific.
Did you do any advertising? Maybe this can be a soft launch and you'll do a "grand opening" once people know you?

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I thought I was the only one

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Literal semen demons

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>it hasn't stopped more i yet to come
what did he mean by this?

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> Google how long do bear markets last
> Says on average 14 months

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300k per xrp?

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the standard, dare i say?

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Pancake swap:
daily visits: 577,651
pairs: 896
coins: 217
volume: $1.5 trillion
daily visits: 2,426,000
coins: 1608
volume: $1.39 trillion


yet somehow (((pancakeswap))) has more volume than uniswap with much less pairs, less coins, less visits. Really activates the brain neurons

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If you're one of those bahaha stay poor faggots, go and get it out of your system, I know your sperg brain can't resist. Good? Good. I want to know what's with all the vertical lines on BSC rugpulls the last week or so? There has to be something going on here - literally nobody was shilling CAKE, BURGER, BAKE or anything until the last couple weeks or so, and now its the only thing /biz/ talks about. The strangest part is that people seem to know most of these coins are rugs, but are going 5-10x in a matter of days. How is that even possible? Are we all being targeted by a massive shill campaign? There definitely feels like some long nose/chink fuckery going on behind the scenes right now, and I honestly don't care about missing out on the BSC hype. My only concern is that is that there are huge forces at play who are exit pumping before a crypto market crash. Anyone who was here in 2017-18 has seen this shit before, the only difference is that it was happening with ERC20 tokens. Back then, whenever someone asked >how is this sustainable, we can't just keep going up forever
they were met with ridicule, and the exact same thing is happening here. you cannot possibly tell me that these food and memetokens are legitimate investments worthy of 1000% gains. So tell me, what gives? I feel like there's a group of people laughing at us behind the scenes that there are actually morons fomoing into things like chinkcoin after a 10x pump

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ever since this post was made CAKE went up 30%. can biz unironically pump high volume coins?

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>BTC pumps
>all alts dump sats
how is it possible that this happens every single time, without failure, in uniform fashion? No i'm not new, I just never really understood this even in 2017. For this to be physically possible, it would mean the holder of every single altcoin would have to panic into BTC after seeing a 2-3% gain. Are people this much of sheep, to make moves this predictable? Why would anyone sell their potential 5-100x for a chance to swing into a maximum 2x? The only thing that makes plausible sense to me is that majority of alt trades are done by bots who automatically trade into BTC when it trends up. What am I missing here?

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what kind of smoothbrain logic are you using here

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I normally don’t care for the schizo posting but I’ve had a strange feeling these last few days, feels like something big is going to happen pretty soon bros.

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What do the numbers mean mason?

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someone just bought a million at an average of 2.34

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Wait how?
Dubs agree

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Here, I came up with this conversion between x and %.

Sample: 10x —> get rid of x —> you have 10 —> subtract 1 —> you now have 9 —> move decimal two places to right —> you now have 900 —> add a percent sign.

Let’s try again with a 1.5x.
1.5x —> 1.5 —> 0.5 —> 50 —> 50%.

I think this works for everything. Here’s the formula again, N means number.
Nx —> get rid of x —> you now have N —> subtract 1 —> you now have N -1 —> move decimal 2 to right —> you now have a greater N —> add a percent sign.

Let me know if this works for everything.

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So if hypothetically you had to respond to my post or your mother would die in your sleep, you wouldn’t do so...

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im generally late to market realizations, ive been thinking this for the past several weeks and went further into crypto. If I just started to realize this then...

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