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its over isnt? avax 2.0?

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fantom is the only good coin. this is going to be better than link soon

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How did this tranny coin scam go from $0.00179 to $0.8 in less than a year?

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everyone wants to buy low and sell high until its time to buy low...

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I need some estimate by holders and non-holders. I’m poor so this is my one investment and I need to know if a microcap is better or if this is going to like $100

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fantom is such a fuckin scam kek dont buy it at these prices

>staking is garbage
>it costs a 100 ftm fee to withdraw to their wallet which makes it totally fucking useless to do unless you have over a 200k stack which is impossible to get at this point
>the wallet has the option to take on fucking massive amounts of debt and people just say LOL ITS RISK FREE LOL JUST TAKE ON DEBT literally a ponzi
>the price of the coin rises and they never lower the amount of ftm you need to send or use for a node
>they claim it has fast transactions but its actaully 18 tps and cant even be used for anything cant even be used in an exchange for anything except to buy more fantom lol
>entire thread of fantom retards are just telling everyone to stake and never selling knowing in a month when alt season ends everything will drop 70%

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I’m a measly 3K FTM holder and I’m feeling great

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what will happen to this in the bull run? what will happen after the bullrun?

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looking at eth prices is really making me want to hold fantom for years even if im a bahholder and im not even one of those "hold for 3 years" fags.

looking at eth in 5 years go up 61,000% is just fucking insane i cant even imagine that happening to me

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do you guys think this shit can hold over a dollar after this bullrun is over?

im trying to decide between staking it or gambling when to pull out. im a poorfag and its a lot of money to me but i dont need much and i can basically live off staking rewards if its around a dollar and i can just keep holding this shit forever living off rewards while it keeps going up over time


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should i hedge fantom with avax? no biased opinions or shilling just wondering

my ideal portfolio looks like:

i have a really good feeling about those 4

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why does CZ hate fantom so much?

>supresses the price
>as soon as we get traction he adds 50x futures and turns it into a shitty casino
>as soon as avax fucks up and it starts dropping like a pile of hot dog shit he rips off the sell button and wont let anyone drop the price anymore

what the fuck IS his problem?

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i wish this fucking garbage scam let me sell at .20 instead of fucking trapping my money because i tried to unstake

how the fuck is this shit illegal. i did nothing but LOSE money staking i wish i never fucking did it. fucking disaster

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how do i pull out of this shitty scam wallet? it keeps saying i need to repay repay sftm i cant figure any of this shit out sending anything to this wallet was this biggest fucking mistake

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just buy fantom holy shit. im not gonna shill this to retards constantly but holy shit. stop buying fucking mcdonalds aave and xrp jesus.

this shit gives 14% a year staking so if you make a lot of money off this and your stack is worth a lot you can literally make 30-100k a year off staking rewards alone and just leave your stack in there and youll always have it

you cant be this dumb. mcdonalds? seriously?! and its not a pump and dump so you can hold it for awhile to avoid short term capital gains tax and if you keep it locked youre good. if you pull out under 40k a year you pay nothing.

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can any fanties tell me the cheapest way to keep buying this coin? im a poorfag so i just accumulate a few thousand at a time.

currently i just buy btc on coinbase then send it to binance and swap it. is there any way to cut back on these fees? how do i sign up for coinbase pro do i just use my already existing account?

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>where do i buy?
europoors: binance
burgers: kucoin/uniswap
if you have other retarded newfag questions take it to the FTM discord.

discord: 6V42Gs8

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>shooting up at the speed of light
>no threads
can we talk about how the fuck this shit went from .1 to .2 in a single hour after taking a week to get to .1? holy fuck

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I cant believe fantom dropped right after I bought it at .04 and i lost half my money

I was going to use the time to stock up on more but I’m honestly losing hope every day but I really want 200-300k just Incase it hits a dollar

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Why is Fantom pumping?

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I should've shorted but was locked in staking. Should I hodl my stack? What are your price predictions based off roadmap, partnerships, etc.

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