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Enough of overvalued crypto projects, their bullshit marketing gimmicks, useless partnerships, NON-COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY etc..
Let me redpill you about NKN:
>Uber/AirBnB of internet communication
>provides networking platform for any kind of communication over internet with incentives
>node can be ran almost on any device with public IP, no bullshit ASIC
>as secure as possible, end2end encryption, no centralized PKI
>super solid incentives, vast majority of revenue goes to nodes (80-90%)
>currently more nodes than BTC and ETH combined (over 20k)
>Proof of Relay + novel and super scalable consensus mechanism (MOCA)
>multiple services top of the NKN network: CDN, Pub/Sub messaging, TUNA, VPN, FTP, etc..
>their CDN service is proven to outperform any traditional or p2p CDN service with significant difference
>TUNA service will be the GRANDE: fully decentralized marketplace for tunneling any kind of software services e.g. remote gaming
>just made CDN related commercial contract with iQiyi that's video platform with over 100m users
>in talks with major telecom/cable/internet companies in US, Europe, China etc..
>right now the major focus on delivering services for iQiyi in order to fully prove its competence to other potential customers
>team consists of industry specialists who have the best backgrounds for this kind of project
>main advisors are diffie whitfield and stephen wolfram
>tokenomics are very solid, founding team and community devs combined have 18% of tokens (with multi-year lock-down periods)
>ridiculously low market cap: 7.3m$
So NKN is basically the most undervalued crypto project in all metrics if you do comparison with other crypto projects.
This should already be 10x more EASILY but the market is still in heavy sleep on this one.
If you really want to make it, this is it. This is your chance. Look deeper into this project if you aren't convinced yet.
For more info: https://forum.nkn.org/t/all-in-one-nkn-faq

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Volume went to millions in very short period of time... WHAT IS HAPPENING??? NEWS???

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Guys. I have a gift for you. The most certain 100x crypto. Here it is. It is NKN. Look it up. DYOR. Now 2c and next year 2$. This is not a drill. I'm not fucking joking with you guys. Screen cap this. End of the post.

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NKN. Un-Fucking-Ironically. Look it up. DYOR. Now 2c and next year 2$.

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Sooner or later.

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