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Jews and Israelis are coming for America flooding our country with shitskins and brainwashing the public into cultural Marxism.

White people are doomed in this country in the next 10-15 years. Younger generation wants to take away our guns because they've been brainwashed by the govt who wants to wipe us out.

I'm actually hoping that LINK will make us so fabulously rich that we will be able to buy our freedom and not be guillitoned. Since our link will be on the Blockchain we can tell our oppressors that we own link .... so don't kill us and then maybe they just demand like 10 link a month so the govt doesn't kill us. Since it would be impossible for them to access our link.

Pic related is how white the country was in 1940 on the top..... and how much less white is today.

We are in trouble guys. Hopefully link is out saving grace

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