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i just want my own small engine aircraft to tour the world in. maybe a gs1200 motorcycle too. what do you guys want out of making it?

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You ever think about just how far we've fallen? A year ago UBI was considered radical, and today I just read a headline to the effect of "the new stimulus won't cover the rent of everyone in America, this is unacceptable". And while I may act smug now, I'm well aware of the suffering this reset will bring.

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I kept holding at a 40%~ loss through 7 months, and now that im in the green (30%~), I'm still feeling down

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900k -> 40k

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>coworker: how was your weekend anon? do anything fun?

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>tfw when 27

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something something oh no, wojacks ect, does anyone even give a fuck anymore? Can BTC just fuck off and die so we can all get on with it? Literally no one gives a fuck about BTC, just die so our shitcoins aren't chained to the kike BTC scam coin.

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fug you

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>i sell on ebay and amazon and go to community college, also over 30 and live at home
Usually after that sentence they figure out im a loser.

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The accumulation 2 weeks before goybase pump was keeping the price steady at around .24 cents.

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I thought of an idea and I honestly don't know how it will even work, but hear me out.

Start a company that is ran by 100% anonymous people. Hash out the details if you want. In honor of the vision, I'll see where this goes instead of push my own notions.

>inb4 fuckin gay.

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enjoy your life. Also why kill yourself after 5 months? just be an Uber driver and work whenever you want. I do this. work my ass off first part of the year with Uber then enjoy the NEET life for the other half of the year. Rinse and repeat.

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forgot pic

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