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I bought some at $30, but I would hesitate to buy now, now that it's near $50. I mean, it might hit 60 or better, in the short term, which would be a nice 20% increase. I wouldn't be surprised if it goes higher, the stock is incredibly speculative, price/earnings ratio of 225, while Intel's is 14. Apparently this is fine for short periods for AMD, just be aware that AMD reliably seems to fall back to sub $5. My dad was sending me links suggesting to sell my AMD, pic related, and I was thinking about doing it too, then I checked AMD again today and it was up another 10% from a few days ago. If there's a recession and AMD's share price is forced to acknowledge accounting realities it could take a pounding. But if there's money flowing around, all of x86 is either Intel or AMD, and AMD have the superior product right now, which is rare for them, and they could keep mooning.

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Imagine buying AMD rn

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