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Any way to withdraw money from Binance? Can't bridge it with Coinbase so that's not on the table.

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>only 7k links
How should I kill myself?

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>Have to awake from my slumber at the time of 6:30 to physically walk to another location from my place of residence at the time of 8:30 which that location of which is where I must commence labor for economic tender points from the owner of the establishment that I must work at or the owner of the residential complex that I take residence in will remove me from my 46 square meter living space and place me on the street which will mean I will live in financial poverty and/or commit self-homicide.

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>good news of development
>constant partnership
>price crashes
Seriously, wtf is going on? Is there some bad news that I missed? And no it’s not because BTC dumped because it only dumped like 1%
>inb4 link is scam durr, 700k durr

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But I still hope this delusional hope that it will moon. This is too painful

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>Sergey speaking at web3
>3 day seminar hosted by chainlink
>lose today’s gain in matter of 30 minutes
Chainlink is done. With all the good things happening it can’t even sustain itself above 2.40. Web3 was a huge nothingburger. I’m selling all my links when I get home from work. I should have sold at MOAB tweet

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You know you're supposed to pay tax for trading and VAT for mining, right, /biz/?

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